Tree Hut & Me

Summer time means making extra sure you’re on point when at the pool, wearing dresses and shorts!!

Thankfully @treehut sent me this set to help me shave/wax and look my best.


I used the shave prep in the shower before shaving, it helps remove dead skin cells and lift up the hair as well. It’s one of my favorites because of the sugar scrub, yes it smells like you can eat it, but please don’t. (haha you never know!) The shaving oil you can use after shaving but I used it during, personally thats how I like to use it. You can do either! The body butter helps minimize how often you need to shave, I have been using it for two weeks and I love it. It does take up to 4 weeks to see results but I personally have thin hair so it’s been working faster for me. I use in on my arms, legs, bikini area. I haven’t used the wax kit yet, not brave enough…haha. I will be trying it in weeks to come and will give you an update on how it went. So, I’m glad I was able to review these products and take some time to give you some feedback as well. Remember, #BaseSkinIsIn & @treehut can help you stay summer fresh all year round. Below I’ve posted the photos of each item and also links to purchase!



Direct link to purchase: Sugar Scrub 


Direct link to purchase: Moisturizing Shave Oil


Direct link to purchase: Hair Minimizing Body Butter


Direct link to purchase: Hair Removal Sugar Wax

I hope you ladies try some of Tree Hut Bare & please share your thoughts!!

xx – Tonya Michelle



This post was #sponsored but all the thoughts/ideas are my own.



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