Steal vs splurge swimwear

Summer is just around the corner, which means itโ€™s time to hit the beach and pool in style! Iโ€™ve found the best swimwear from bikinis to one pieces fit for every budget.

One thing I love is to shop at my favorite high-end stores such as Revolve or Nordstrom and then see if I can find a comparable style at Target or Forever 21. Depending on the time frame and occasion sometimes you need a quick fix and the Mall or online options might be out of the picture. I have bikinis from Revolve, Nordstrom, Target and more… I shop at each store below and love these picks!

My first find was a pink tie-dye bikini from PacSun. I found almost the exact style from Forever 21 for a fraction of the price. Splurge on the left (PacSun), steal on the right (Forever 21).

More swimwear from PacSun:

More swimwear from Forever21:

Just like a little black dress, everyone needs a little black bikini in their life. I love shopping at Revolve, but sometimes you might not be able to splurge at that exact moment. So I wanted to share a few different options! I found almost the exact same style of ย bikini that I loved at Revolve at Target.

Splurge on the left (Revolve), steal on the right (Target).

The bikini below one of my favorite high waisted bottoms from Target also the top is from there as well. Lately I’ve been buying separates then mixing them with my other bikinis. I did a small in the top and a medium in the bottoms!

An example above how I wore the same bottoms but mixed with different bikini tops. Can’t go wrong with a solid black bottom and then play around with the top!

More swimwear from Target:

Lot’s of affordable choices to mix and match with a solid color bikini bottom that you might already own!

More swimwear from Revolve:

Found some great pieces from Nordstrom as well- I have two of these in my cart currently. Again, being able to mix and match these are my favorite.

Also a few good items to complete your look:


  1. Wow! I rarely shop swimsuits because I figure I won’t be able to find anything stylish in my budget. Thanks so much for opening my eyes to these cute finds in my price point!

  2. Thanks for putting together this list of options! I am always trying to save money, especially when it comes to bathing suits since I tend to get newer ones frequently ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hey hey supermodel!! what don’t you look good in gf! loving this suits, and while I’ll totally spend money on a good classic suit, if its trendy I think save is the way to go!!

  4. These are so cute! & love finding a more affordable option! These high waisted bottoms are so cute on you!


  5. i have been on the HUNT for a great bathingsuit and def will take a look at these coming up for a trip I have! Such great pics girl!

  6. girllll you look amazing!! its definitely time for me to invest in some new swimwear now that its getting to the point where it’s pool weather everyday in the desert xx

  7. I love the high waisted cute!! You have the most amazing bikini body..ha wish I could get mine back…50’s and kids are not kind to your body…lol

    Have a great summer!


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