Smell Amazing. Look Amazing. Feel Amazing.


Who doesn’t want to “smell amazing, look amazing, feel amazing” ? 


I’ve had the pleasure of trying Franklin & Whitman’s all natural products & so did my dogs! (You see that Dog Balm above? Lola & Mya enjoyed being pampered too!!)

They have one of the best “about us” statements, which I’ve posted below for you.

“To us, smells are gateways to memories and emotions. The sweet, milky warmth of vanilla, for instance, brings back memories of childhood treats and innocent pleasures. The purifying, refreshing, and energizing aroma of grapefruit helps wake the senses and gets you energized for the rest of the day. What we smell effects our mood, our energy, our passions. Our all-natural products not only smell amazing, but also nourish your hair and skin, helping you look and feel amazing!” 

How is true is that statement? I know there are SO many scents that bring me right back to a childhood memory of my grandmothers house, how her laundry room smelled and even her perfume. Two of these products brought me back which I’ll be describing below & I’m hoping I can start my own memories with my future family as well.

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Above are my favorites! Each product is all-natural, plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle products with a social mission. What’s their social mission? Well, I’m glad you asked… It’s very dear to my heart since 1 of our dogs was rescued! “Our social mission, Hairy Animals, pledges that we will donate 5% of all Franklin & Whitman sales to Dog Rescue organizations.” Click here for more information on their mission to help our furry friends.

Before going into the products I adore, Franklin & Whitman is giving 30% off your order with the discount code TONYA30 & FREE shipping until the end of the year.

Body Scrubs: Used these while in the shower, they give your skin such a refreshing feel and smell. Wash away that dead and rough skin while enjoying the aromas of your favorite scents. Direct link to purchase here – They also have Mineral Soaks which is the next product I need to get my hands on. Nothing like a hot bath with mineral soak after a long work day, add some wine & that’s perfection for me.

Hair Serum: Use this on dry hair! I especially use this product when I curl my hair to give it some extra shine after using my hairspray. Direct link to purchase here.

Botanical Steam: I’ve used this twice already and my skin is thanking me. I’m all about trying to new ways to clean my skin. After all, you can’t hide it! It does an amazing job removing any pollutants and dirt from your skin while surrounding you in a smell that lights up your senses. Direct link to purchase here.

Face Masks: I am in love with how different these are. They come in a powder form which is great, why? Because then there isn’t any chemical preservatives! Talk about freshness. You can use them on a regular basis when you feel your skin needs some attention. I used mine 3 times in a week. I’m a face mask junky. Two thumbs up!! Direct link to purchase here.

If you wanted to do a package deal and get the facial care kit, you can! Direct link here

Dog Balm: Let’s not forget about the furry love in our lives!! Just how we love facials and mani/pedis, our dogs need some pampering too. I used the balm on their noses and paws. It helps prevent dry cracking in those areas and well as making them feel loved. We all know we pamper our dogs more than ourselves right? haha Direct link to purchase here.

Another fun and environmental safe fact about Franklin & Whitman is the packing peanuts your products come in are  100% biodegradable and are made of vegetable starch. You can throw them away or dissolve them under warm water in the sink. How thoughtful is that? It’s the little things they do that truly shows how much they care for our environment and how much we should as well.

Hope you found something new to try & don’t forget “TONYA30” for 30% off & FREE shipping!

xx Tonya Michelle

Opinions & thoughts are 100% mine, Franklin & Whitman did provide samples for me to review.

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