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A family business that started from an idea. OSEA Malibu

“Coming from a background in holistic health and healing (and not big business) my mother knew that she had developed an all natural skincare line using the best all natural ingredients available – but would anyone else notice the difference? There was only one way to find out…” -Melissa Palmer


And boy am I glad I found out! Above you will see 4 products that I was able to try out from their line and each product is my favorite for different reasons. I will showing the Red Algae Mask selfie this weekend as well on Instagram!

Red Algae Mask


This mask is perfect for those dealing with acne as well as mask lovers in general! It’s not recommend if you have sensitive skin tho. This mask helped calm my skin, heal existing breakouts and cleaned my pores. I used this twice a week! I used it daily during the lovely time of the month, it’s when my skin really starts to be difficult.

To purchase or for more info on the Red Algae Mask click here

Atmosphere Protection Cream

A Light-Weight Daily Moisturizer that Hydrates & Protects Against Environmental Damage.


I love this moisturizer simply because it didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or greasy. It dries quickly and left my skin feeling light. It doesn’t clog your pores which is hard for me to find in a moisturizer. I used this morning and night about 3-4 pumps per time. It also smells amazing. Win win right?!

To purchase or for more information on the Atmosphere Protection Cream click here

Sea Vitamin Boost

Nourishing and Hydrating Mist


This so far is my absolute FAVORITE product by OSEA. I use this ALL the time, I wish I had someone to spray it on my face while I slept. haha But really, not kidding. It’s a spray mist which I used this for the days after the pool, I’d hop out of the shower and spray this on my face. You can let it dry or rub it in, I’m the person who fanned it dry. Doesn’t burn, doesn’t feel greasy, doesn’t clog your pores. I will be using this in the winter as well because my skin tends to get drier then. If you only can purchase one of these items, I recommend this one to start.

To purchase the Sea Vitamin Boost or for more information click here

Ocean Cleanser

Refreshing, Mineralizing Cleanser


This cleanser is amazing for so many reasons. It removes the impurities from your skin leaving it feeling brand new! What’s better than skin thats clean and refreshed? Nothing! I also used this product twice a day, morning and night. It’s also PH balanced and chemical free.

To purchase the Ocean Cleanser or for more information click here

If you’re looking to try some new skincare and want great results I would suggest any of the products above. OSEA also has gift sets if you’d like to combine products and try different ones. You can click here to see what they offer.

Also, I love their family story and how this business came about. There’s just something about a family business that I love. Maybe it’s the story, maybe it gives you the feeling of buying something that started off as a small idea and now is helping so many people achieve beautiful skin. Click here to read about their history and how OSEA came about.

Thank you OSEA for letting me try these amazing products. Hearing results is one thing, but getting them makes me happy that I’m able to share how much I enjoy these myself.

xx Tonya Michelle

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