My Top Travel Necessities!!

I feel like I’ve been traveling non-stop the past year and I wanted to truly share these items that I can’t travel without. I promise it makes traveling easier, more comfortable and keeps you organized!!

Travel kits:

Battery Life: 

My FAVORITE is the My Charge, comes with an iPhone charger and USB, Also you simply plug into the wall to recharge. It’s a LITTLE pricey, but I’ll be honest…it’s been a lifesaver and super convenient.


A sound machine is a must for me. I can’t sleep with the TV on and I also can’t sleep in silence. This one is light weight & has over 5 settings.

Also – I bring slipper socks or slippers to the hotels because honestly I won’t walk barefoot on anyones floors. Not sure the last time bleach has been there and I’m not taking chances, LOL. Just a tip 😉



Random Must Haves:


  1. I travel often and I cannot agree more these are my must-have item. The travel pillow which I can use on the long journey bus and flights so that my neck will not hurt when I woke up. The lip gloss is also my must-have item as it gets to dry up in the sky.

  2. These are great suggestions! Traveling does a number on my hair and skin and all of these items are so important. And, I have to have a noise machine at a noisy hotel.

  3. Those were a great travel essentials. Whenever I have a trip, I always amke sure to bring my portable phone charger too. It is very useful for me.

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