Explore your own city in 24 hours! DC Style.

Right before Christmas, Caroline and I decided we were both in need of a ‘staycation!’ We decided to head up 495 just about 45 minutes away from my home in Northern Virginia to stay at the Pod Hotel located right in the heart of Chinatown.

We wanted to try something different than the “usual” hotel, and after a few recommendations decided on the Pod Hotel located in Chinatown! The attractive price point of $100 a night for a queen size bedroom made this the most affordable yet luxurious option in the entire city.

The small sized rooms are perfect for those who want to explore the city and are just coming back to get ready for the day and to sleep! Caroline and I each got our own rooms for some extra space and would highly recommend doing so unless you’re traveling with a significant other. 

After settling into our rooms, we headed downstairs to the Crimson Diner where we had some light bites before heading out to eat. Perfect for some photo ops, the décor was amazing as was the food! Caroline and I got some chips and pimento cheese dip, onion rings and I got a breakfast meal as it’s served all day long! I also used my 2-for-1 drink tickets provided upon check-in for us to get a cocktail with our appetizers before heading out for the night.

Following our run around the city, we headed downstairs to Pod’s Whiskey Bar which was not only huge but totally packed with city-goers. It seemed like the go-to spot for many locals and provided a cozy yet fun atmosphere, bumping to Spotify’s Hip-Hop 2000’s playlist which is now Caroline and I’s new work playlist!

The next morning, we used our free coffee and donut “tokens” to each get a caffeinated drink and a donut before heading home.

We had a great time at an awesome hotel and would highly recommend staying here! If you’re local or visiting to New York (Brooklyn, Manhattan) or Washington, D.C. any time soon and are looking to affordable options, definitely check out the Pod Hotel on your next stay!


  1. We love to explore our city. We live just outside of Atlanta, and we do the staycation thing a lot. It’s so much fun to take in everything the city has to offer.

  2. I absolutely love your photos! And this is such a great idea – I live in the city, and there’s so much I still need to see.

  3. I love this post so much! I need to do more staycations in my city. Las Vegas has so much to offer as far as hotels, I really need to consider it more.

  4. i love the idea of a staycation and exploring your own city in 24 hours! looks like you were able to do a lot in just a day, and it must have offered a refreshing perspective on where you live. xx

  5. This sounds like a perfect place for a staycation in Northern Virginia. I love finding new places to stay in diff places. I will add this to my list

  6. Sometimes a staycation is very welcome. I do it quite often, just book a hotel for the night and go explore the city. I live 20 minutes from Malaga so it’s always nice to spend a night there.

  7. Sounds like such a fun time. I don’t think I realized that there was a Pod hotel in DC. I’ll have to check it out over a weekend trip sometime with my hubby!

  8. Oh wow, I actually used to live about two blocks away from Pod Hotel and I remember when they were first building it. I live in NE now (near Union Station) but I actually went out to drinks in their bar downstairs of the Pod last weekend! How fun!

  9. Love this post! It looks like you had a great time! Next time you are in D.C. I wanna hang out with you! I live 45 minutes away in Maryland. It’s always fun going to D.C. with others and sharing ideas of the best places to go!

  10. Looks like you had such a great time! You can definitely enjoy your own city, without going too far. I’ve always loved exploring corners that are close to home.

  11. Gosh I just miss living in DC so dang much! I just went back recently after some years and it has changed so much! Looks like you did a ton of fun exploring and saw some great places!

  12. It’s amazing that there are little gems right in our midst and we don’t have to actually travel far distances… this place looks so cozy and comfortable…Love your fashion style too! That first outfit has me with all the heart eyes lol

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