Bringing in the fall season with my favorite Tazo teas.

Nothing says fall quite like a nice hot cup of tea on a cool, crisp day. Now that fall is officially here, I am so excited to enjoy my favorite Tazo teas again! Ginger Green Tea and the Tazo Classic Chai Tea Latte are the perfect green and black teas that make me excited for the beginning of my favorite season. This blog post was sponsored by Tazo tea but my love for them is real, these items were already in my pantry!!! 🙂

Recently, I have not been feeling well due to the changing seasons and my upcoming surgery to relieve me of some of the pain I have experienced with Endometriosis. If you’ve followed my Instagram stories, you have definitely seen how under the weather I’ve been lately! One of the ways I soothe my cramps and sinuses when I’m feeling ill is with Tazo’s Ginger Green Tea. The ginger and lemongrass infused tea soothes my stomach and opens up my sinuses. I love to add a slice of lemon too for added Vitamin C. Green tea is also known to boost metabolism, which helps me get back on my feet more quickly!

As for Tazo black teas, I am obsessed with their Classic Chai Tea Latte. My go-to recipe is just adding milk to their classic chai tea latte concentrate and heating it up on the stove. I then add a little pumpkin spice seasoning for that extra fall kick! It’s the perfect drink to share on a fall afternoon with friends. I also love that it can be made over ice as well since the fall afternoons in Virginia tend to get a little toasty!

Tazo teas are a fall staple in my kitchen pantry. I love that you can enjoy them at any time of the day and personalize your tea to fit your taste buds. If you haven’t tried these teas from Tazo, you can purchase Tazo tea from your local Publix or most grocery stores!

xx, Tonya Michelle


  1. I hate when the weather changes, it always affects my sinuses and allergies. I’ve never tried tea, though, so I’ll have to try that. But I have to say, after moving, I miss Publix!

  2. I used to drink coffee, but now I have given that up and all i drink is tea! I am really into finding new teas at the moment, this sounds like a must! A little different too, i like it!

  3. Aren’t Tazo teas the best? I think I’ve bought every flavor over the years. Have you tried their sweet cinnamon spice blend? It’s been on repeat at my house as of late. x

  4. I am more of a coffee person than tea lover but a good cup of tea is just not harmful and I can go for it too, more after reading your blog post. The images are stunning too. Enjoyed reading it

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