Workout sneakers all under $100!

I recently had a lot of interest in sharing some of my favorite day to day workout sneakers. Whether you are running errands or going to hit the gym, these are some of my favorites! Currently are all under $100 — jump on that sale.

Some of my favorite ADIDAS:

Some of my favorite NIKE:

These are just some of the latest shoes you can find that are on sale. I will also be doing my favorite workout leggings and tops this week. I know a lot of have been asking for that post as well. I’m excited to start bringing you more content, so stay tuned.

xx, Tonya Michelle


  1. I love all of the pretty colors on these! I love a comfy chic tennis shoe! Especially since you posted the ones that are affordable. That’s up my alley.

  2. Normally not a sneaker-wearing girl, but your post has me reconsidering them as a comfy option this summer.

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