What’s your choice? Paula’s Choice!

Paula’s Choice Skincare

I was so lucky to receive an amazing package from Paula’s Choice & I’m so thrilled to be trying these products. One of things I got was the Skin Balancing Advanced Kit (it’s best for acne prone skin) , you can click here for more information in depth as well as purchase. Use code PRIMP10 for $10 off your purchase of $40 or more! (Everyone loves a discount!!!)

Two of my favorite products so far that I’ve tried are the toner & cleanser. Shocker — if you know me, you know I love those!! My boyfriend used the cleanser as well as gave it a thumbs up. Ladies, watch out if you get your man to like your skincare too much you’ll run out faster. haha

I’m always down to try new products that reduce the oil in my skin, anyone else have oily skin? I swear it’s a blessing and a curse. We get less wrinkles yet we could fill up our car oil with some..LOL.

Make sure you try this on a small portion of your skin first, as always with any new skincare.

For me I think this toner is good, it didn’t leave any makeup on my face after using. It felt light and didn’t feel greasy. It did make my skin break out a little bit at first but they say that’s because it’s bringing dirt to the surface. I’m going to continue for the next week and see how my skin reacts.

The skin balancing invisible finish moisture gel is a MUST have if you ONLY buy one, you need to try this. I’ve tried this all week long. I added this into my routine and it’s now staying there. You know the feeling of dry skin and then you apply your makeup and it has the patchy look? Yeah, not cute. Well this soaks right into your skin and leaves it feeling smooth yet NOT greasy. I’m so picky when I’m trying to find something that doesn’t react to my skin in a negative way (aka makes me break out or leaves me looking all greased up) I’m still trying all of the other products I was sent but those three are the ones I’ve tried and I’m hooked! It’s always fun to switch it up and try new things.

Gorgeous On The Go Makeup Collection

Includes 3 versatile powder eyeshadows & 1 powder eyeliner
Contains a complexion-boosting blush & a highlighter
Features a separate shimmering lipgloss

This palette is everything you need in ONE! It fits perfectly in your small clutch or that big purse we all carry at times.  I like it not only cause of the pigment but because it’s not bulky. So many palettes are great but you can’t take them out on that hot date or to work! I’m going to end up buying one and just leaving it in my car– haha who’s with me?

xx, Tonya Michelle

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