New Releases by MVMT! Watches, Sunnies, Bracelets & more!

You may have noticed that I wear a lot of MVMT watches in my pictures. And you would be right! MVMT watches are THE ONLY watches I wear! They are sleek, affordable and so stylish. On top of that, there are SO many to choose from! These gorgeous watches start at $90! You can’t find anything this awesome for a price like that! You can also find a discount code at the end of this post — saves you $15 off any item!

These watches are some of my favorites & personally the ones I wear on a daily basis. MVMT also has some fabulous men’s watches too — Don’t worry they won’t be left out!

Below are some of my favorite Mens watches:

You can click HERE to view all!

But, did you know that MVMT isn’t ONLY watches? Their sunglasses are also incredible, affordable and super stylish- for men and women! Get a pair of incredible sunglasses from only $60-$90! Below are some photos of me rocking some of my favorite styles.


Some of my favorite Women’s sunnies:

Okay, so maybe you already knew about the watches and sunglasses, BUT did you know about the bracelets?! EEE! I am so excited about their bracelets! Just as their other merchandise is amazing, so are there newly released bracelets! There is something for everyone. The styles range from classic and simple to edgy and rocker chic. And you can find them in 5 different colors for each style. I love being able to have a choice.

Below you can shop by click on the photo.

Prices range from $35-$55!

(Don’t forget the discount code at the end of this post for $15 off!!)

Another great thing that MVMT started creating were GIFT BOXES. It’s an easy way to buy a gift or get a great deal for yourself on multiple items! I got one for Carl for Christmas and also one for myself. They also are now including the bracelets in them.

Below are some of my favorites:

One of the other things a lot of people didn’t know MVMT had is collectors cases! These were just recently launched. I picked up the white one for myself.

I love being able to keep them safe and clean in one place and also being able to view them all together without digging through my drawer. It’s a sleek way to view them and to show off your favorites.

These cases come in black or white. Store 6 of your watches for just $90.

Shop below:

And as always, I value you guys, so make sure you use the code:

tonyamichelle  to get $15 OFF!

Find a great gift with MVMT for yourself, a loved one or a friend.

xx, Tonya Michelle


  1. Those watches are gorgeous! My husband just got a new watch recently, but when this one starts to wear out I’ll have to keep these in mind. If I didn’t have prescription sunglasses, I would definitely be looking more into these!

  2. Those are awesome!! I love them, and I haven’t heard of them until now. I was totally missing out. Just as gorg as Michael Kors, but so much more affordable. CUTE!!!

  3. I could use a few of those watch cases for my collection! Right now I just have them all hanging out casually o my dresser haha. Gorgeous watch collection you have there!

  4. I had not heard of this brand. Those watches are stylish, I was recently thinking I need to start wearing one again. Might check these out along with the bracelets!

  5. These watches are so gorgeous and what a great price!! Can’t even pick a favorite because they’re all so beautiful!


  6. I definitely will check the rose gold watch. For Christmas, I received a gold rose bracelet and I’ve been wanting a watch since then. I did not know about their sunglasses, will check them out.

  7. I have always loved their watches. I honestly did not know about their bracelets or sunglasses, but those are just as great as their watches. I am definitely going to have to look into these. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I’m a fine of the rose colored watches, super chic and sophisticated looking… I’ll have to keep this post in mind with Valentines Day approaching ; ) thanks!

  9. Can I have one of each please! So many gorgeous options, I especially love the rose gold watch (sucker for anything rose gold) and that ‘x’ bracelet, so cute.You have styled them so beautifully.

    xx, Kusum

  10. I’m obsessing over that all black watch, and those cat-eyed sunnies. Such great accessory staples to always have on hand, and I really love how you styled them!


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