My LA trip roundup! Sofitel, Girl Boss Rally and MORE!

I went back to Cali, Cali… It was my first time back in around 7 years. I honestly am such an East Coast girl. I live for NYC. I think you’re either ONE or the OTHER – anyone else think that? I was in the LA area for a total of 5 days and I had a great time attending the Girl Boss Rally, I stayed at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills and also got to see my friend Nina who I met while living in Miami!

Ps, how cute is this luggage? It’s from Gabbiano Luggage!

Let”s dive into my trip! – I landed and got to the hotel around 7pm and was exhausted from traveling from NYC directly to LA. I order room service that night and passed out right after. I woke up around 6:30 am with a view of the Hollywood Hills and ordered room service for breakfast before I headed off to the Girls Boss Rally!

The breakfast was literally gone in less than 5 mins, It was beyond delicious and the hash browns and eggs were perfectly cooked. I’m actually craving this while typing.

I headed to the girl boss rally which was what I flew out for! I’ve been a huge fan of Sophia Amoruso for years. Not only is she my role model, she was the reason I was so inspired to quit my job and follow my dreams. If you haven’t picked up her “Girl Boss” book, you need to. I’ve read it twice and I will probably read it again every few months. It’s a great refresher on things you might already know but kinda put on the shelf.

The Rally was filled with so many inspiring women from business owners and entrepreneurs – huge walls filled with quotes that just excited you while walking by. I had to stop and take a photo in front of this one — START YOUR OWN SHIT. I am proud to say, I started my own. Listening to these incredible women and their stories made me cry, laugh, and feel so inspired. To be honest — it was the best trip I’ve ever taken, the best convention I’ve ever been to. They have them yearly in NYC and LA. I will 100% be attending the next NY one — I’m poaching the website already haha.

I was so nervous to introduce myself, but honestly one of my good friends told me earlier in that week that I basically need to cut the shit and do it. Never be shy or intimidated by anyone. I was so glad I spoke with her for a few minutes and got a photo. I walked away feeling so glad I was able to share with her how much of an impact she’s had in my life. I might of cried when I walked away as well, haha. BUT happy tears — for anyone reading this and wondering if they should follow their dreams or do something they are shy to do….DO IT.

After the GIRL BOSS RALLY I jumped in a Lyft and headed over to see Nina! Nina was one of my best friends in Miami and GOD only know how much I miss her. I left Miami and moved to Northern Virginia and she moved from Miami to LA. She’s a full time makeup artist and she’s KILLING it, here is here Instagram account: @NinasMakeup

We did a makeup youtube video together, headed to lunch and played catch up! It was amazing to see her again! Nina – I love you girl!

I also had the chance to stop by Rodeo Drive, meet my fellow blogger friend Missy (known as @missyonmadison) which I was super excited to finally meet her in person!

We did a little bit of a photoshoot, we had a late lunch at 208 Rodeo Resturant and enjoyed the view. If you are local to that area I highly recommend the surf and turf! We both ate it so fast…DELICIOUS!! I would die to have this right now.

I had a lot of early nights in LA. Can’t lie, theres nothing better than relaxing in bed early while you’re on a vacation. At least at this point in my life I’m totally ok with it. So that being said I went home and crashed after this. haha.

The next few days was filled with a few meetings and photoshoots. I really didn’t do that much while in LA because I wanted and needed to relax. I spent more time with Nina and met a few other blogger friends whom I’ve adored for years but never got to meet. I met up with Cassydy and Candice!

Missy and I ended up meeting again for dinner together at Cattle & Claw — it’s located inside my hotel; Sofitel. We were on a lobster roll trend so we stuck with it! haha. Their drinks, atmosphere and food was incredible. (Open on in D.C. please!)

Overall, I loved my trip. I’m still an East Coast Girl but it was a whole different feel than I get when I go to NYC. I enjoyed my stay at Sofitel (the beds are so comfortable, also the bathroom is spacious which is a must!) I had a blast seeing my new and old friends and I ate some killer food. I hope they next time you’re in LA or looking for a new place to eat or stay you reference this post!

xx, Tonya Michelle


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing trip!! I’m actually one of those weird people that totally loves both LA and NYC!

  2. I can’t believe you got to meet Sophia! She’s definitely one of my role models. #GIRLBOSS is one of my favorite books ever and it’s so cool that you got to attend the rally. It sounds like your trip was one of a kind!

  3. This sounds like an awesome trip! I have to say, I’m a Gulf Coast girl. I’ve never been to NYC or LA!! How cool you were able to meet up with old friends and new ones.

  4. So glad you had such a good trip to LA! I still have yet to pick up Girl Boss, but it’s high on my to read list. Your photo in front of the quote wall is SO BAD ASS. Are you based in DC? If so, hi from Baltimore! 🙂

  5. I have always been wanting to visit LA and NYC. Those are two the most awesome cities to me. How does it feel to be a NYC girl in LA? Similar huh?

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing trip!! I’ve only been to NYC as a little girl so I can’t say that I would’ve had the same fun as you did 😉 But I can’t wait to visit both places as an adult now 🙂

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