How to turn a bad hair day into a good one

The worst part about starting your day is realizing you’re having a bad hair day. Bad hair days can totally ruin your day…until now. I’m sharing my secrets on turning a bad hair day into a good one!

Dry Shampoo

The first thing I do when I wake up with a bad hair day is try some of my favorite dry shampoos. Eva NYC, Living Proof are my go-tos and Not Your Mother’s is Caroline’s favorite. They instantly transform a greasy hairdo into one that looks like you just washed it!

Anti-residue shampoo

If you’ve gone a few days without washing your hair or your shampoo and conditioner seems to not be working lately, try this amazing anti-residue shampoo from Neutrogena. It’s affordable and totally transforms my hair. Caroline swears by it and I can always notice a HUGE difference in her hair when she washes it at least once a week with this shampoo!

Invisibobble and bobby pins

Another hair-hack for a bad hair day is simply throwing it up in a bun or ponytail and calling it a day. Recently, I have been obsessed with Invisibobble. The clear or hair-colored coils keep your hair from kinking up, so you don’t need to commit to keeping your hair up all day because of all the kinks in your hair. Additionally, bobby pins can bring a somewhat boring hairstyle to the next level with these cute and fun ones I found on Ulta. They keep frizzy hair at bay and out of your face and look cute doing it, too!


There’s also nothing worse than styling your hair only for it to fall flat later. These hairsprays are my favorite for keeping my curls or blown out hair in check.

Also, I get so many questions on how I curl my hair and what tools I’m using. I currently use all curling wands, straighteners and blow dryer from ONE brand. Click HERE to shop them.

Have a favorite hair product that can transform your bad hair day? Let me know in the comments below!

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