Favorite summer embroidered dresses! Sizes XS-3X!

I’m a sucker for a beautiful embroidered dress! Maybe it’s because I grew up around my grandma always making clothes, or something that was embroidered beautifully. It has a soft spot in my heart. ย I wanted to show you guys some of my favorites that I have purchased and those that I still have in my cart. I love how you can have fun with how you style these. I added a hat and went with a pair of heels. You can add a belt, wear flats, even go total boho and do your hair in braids.

I found this white dress online last week and had to purchase. It’s currently 50% off with their code from the website (it changes so when you click just look for the new code that appears)

Also linked some of my favorite plus size embroidered options as well:

Have fun getting dressed everyday! Wether it’s sweat pants or a dress, embrace your style and what you love. Being able to express myself different everyday is amazing.

xx, Tonya Michelle


  1. love love love all of your picks! especially the dress you’re wearing, I love embroidered things too. The accessories you chose are on point girl, love this look! xo

  2. This dress is unbelievably cute! I love the embroidery and the sheer style to it. So cute and the boho vibes are to die for!

  3. This dress is seriously so cute on you!! Totally perfect for Summer, I love the length and the embroidered details.

  4. I love how versatile embroidered dresses truly are. Like you said you can basically vary them endlessly and combine them with whatever you want depending on what mood you’re in! Love your styling for these pics as well! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thomas xx

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