Favorite jumpers and rompers!

What’s better than not having to think if your top matches with your jeans or shorts? Nothing! haha. I adore wearing Jumpers and Rompers in the Spring/Summer. This Jumper is SO comfortable and easy to dress up with your favorite heels or throw on a denim jacket and chucks. Being able to do both with an outfit is so important to me. I love wearing things different ways depending on how I feel that day or where I’m headed!

Below I’ve linked this Jumper & some others that I adore:

Some must have Rompers:

*I usually do size Medium in Rompers cause of my height, I’m 5’7″

Photo by @briangrove in Venice Beach

xx, Tonya Michelle


  1. Rompers are definitely my favorite summer go to. My options are a bit limited now since I’m 9-mo pregnant. But I love your picks here and definitely need to save at least one or two of them for post-baby

  2. I love your rompers! You look good on it. I love wearing rompers especially when I want to look effortlessly casual and doesn’t feel like doing some layering or mixing and matching clothes.

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