Extend & Plump

Did I get your attention? Extend and plump what? Your lashes of course (Don’t be a perve!) To be honest one of my favorite things in this world is fake eyelashes. If you’ve tried them, you’re probably on the same boat as me. If you haven’t, you NEED to! I’ve always done my own lashes using the ones you find at the drug stores until one day my life changed forever!


I got lash extensions! I’m sure you’ve heard every story and then some about getting lash extensions but let me tell you the truth…..not only are they amazing, they save me 20 mins every morning and they look so natural. (We have all been there when one fake eye lash strip is falling off and we didn’t notice….YIKES!)

Here is a before, during and after photo of my lashes. Who wouldn’t love those? I went to “Lashes By Ricky Vox” in Sterling, Va. For all my local ladies I have a discount code for you, Get 10% off a full set of lashes when you book you appointment if you tell them I referred you! Their website and Facebook information is below.



Or call direct: (571) 313-0294

They also do spray tans! (Which I have gotten before by Jessica and I adore!) Which reminds me of how pale I happen to be right now and I need to make my own appointment.

If you fabulous ladies sign up, please send me photos! I would love to see them.


Tonya Michelle


  1. I think my lashes need a special treat for this mother’s day weekend. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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