Creating our Wedding Registry with Crate & Barrel made easy with The Knot.

One of the most fun parts about wedding planning is creating your wedding registry. I have partnered with The Knot and Crate & Barrel to share my wedding registry journey with you. The Knot makes creating yours simple by having everything you could ever need in one spot. From fun honeymoon excursions to small kitchen appliances, everything on your post-wedding “to do” list can be accomplished just by sharing your registry link with your guests, that’s it!

Carl and I are super excited to have our registry with Crate & Barrel! Their collection of houseware and furniture is so unique that everything feels custom-made just for you. When Carl and I moved in together five years ago, we joined together all of our existing household items such as pots and pans and dishes, so everything in our kitchen is mismatched! So, dinnerware, silverware, pots and pans and other dishware are at the top of our list from Crate & Barrel.

Crate & Barrel also has so many perks of registering with them, including a “thank you for registering with us” gift of stemless wine glasses in an embroidered linen bag, how cute! Additionally, you receive a 10% discount in stores for 6 months after your wedding to get anything you may have left off your registry. And for your friends and family, free shipping on any items in your registry over $99!

Besides the obvious kitchen appliances, my registry also includes fun excursions Carl and I want to do on our honeymoon to Italy. Unlike a relaxing beach vacation, Italy has so many amazing opportunities to explore the country and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I didn’t want to leave Italy after our honeymoon feeling like we haven’t done everything we wanted to do, so I started making a registry on The Knot which made it not only so easy, but so much fun as well.

They also have a section when you walk in called “Gifts We Love” with some of their top picks if you’re looking for a gift. I actually saw these salt and pepper shakers and added a similar kind to our registry after seeing them.

The Knot also has the option for you to choose a charity of your choice in addition to the items you place on your registry. With each qualified gift purchase, The Knot will automatically donate 3% of your purchase to the charity you chose!

Additionally, The Knot provides a helpful “gift tally” on your registry, where guests who like to know where their money is going can easily see how much a dining set would cost or small kitchen appliances.

Working with The Knot and Crate & Barrel has gotten me so excited for our upcoming wedding, especially because of how easy and fun they make the hassle of creating a wedding registry!

Want to check out what we added to our registry? Click HERE.


  1. It is good that they donate 3% of it to charity and also how easy it is to make wedding registry with The Knot and Crate & Barrel

  2. Ah! The wedding registry! I remember doing that, however ours was on AMAZON and we basically just asked for GIFT CARDS so we could buy what we needed when we needed it! 😉 Will honestly probably do the same for the baby registry now!

  3. I wish we had a Crate and Barrel close when my husband and I did our registry. We were the same and had a lot of mismatched things when we moved in together. A honeymoon in Italy sounds amazing!!

  4. I can spend hours at a Crate and Barrel and I think it’s fantastic you have your registry with them. They have tons of amazing stuff.

  5. I love that Crate and Barrel has a wedding registry! When I was getting married we didn’t have one local, but I have gotten some pretty awesome gifts for my friends through their registries.

  6. I also love shopping at Crate & Barrel, they always have awesome stocks! I will enjoy it until IKEA arrives here in Manila.

  7. Wedding registrys are so fun, I really enjoy the thought of picking out items to enjoy forever knowing friends/family will be helping set up home. Crate and Barrel seems like an awesome place to do it.

  8. Well getting all the required things from a single place makes it easy. I’m not aware of Crate and Barrel, but reading your article about them and their service, they sound great in the business.

  9. ah, crate and barrel has some of the best stuff! love shopping there whenever i move into a new house. service is always great and so is the variety!

  10. I love your pants, they are so cute and I think they’d look great on me. Crate and Barrel has always been one of my favorite home accessory stores.

  11. Crate and Barrel does have some pretty amazing stuff in there. I am surprised we didn’t go in there to register at all when I was married. But my ex wasn’t really into it I suppose.

  12. I’m in love with Crate & Barrel’s products, they are so cute, fashionable and perfect for any style. I’ll definitely check this brand out.
    They are really great wedding gifts, but I’m definitely buying them for my house!

  13. I’m celebrating 4 years of marriage soon, but I remember these days like it was yesterday! Registering and the anticipation is such a fun time 😉

  14. I’ve been married for 15 years now, so I can’t remember if the knot was around when I got married or not?! But it sounds like such an easy process and I love crate and barrel too, so it looks like you’ve got some great items picked out.

  15. It’s alway hard for me to not spend my life savings in Crate & Barrel. Everything they sell is fantastic! I gotta make sure we put together a registry here as well!

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