Making the perfect holiday gift basket with Signature Reserve.

This blog post is sponsored by Safeway, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

This time of year is all about giving. Whether it be your boss, coworker, friends or family, everyone deserves a little extra something around the holidays. I always try to be creative with my gifts and be sure that they’re tailored to the person I am giving it to. That’s why I create the most gorgeous holiday gift baskets with Signature RESERVE™ products exclusively from Safeway! 

Putting together a gift basket is so much fun. You can get creative with the products you’re choosing, create a theme in which you center your products around, or just have fun throwing items together! For me, I choose products by Signature RESERVE from Safeway because I know they’re quality, delectable and budget friendly so that I can create a basket with many items inside! Signature RESERVE offers a range of various products at Safeway, including pasta sauces, pie filling, loose leaf tea, coffee and ice cream. 

I decided to create an “at home” gift basket as my theme for a neighbor who always watches my home while Carl and I are away. I love caffeine, who can live without it am I right? And Signature RESERVE makes some amazing coffee and teas. I included their Colombian Whole Bean Coffee in flavor “Antioquia Finca Orizaba” as well as their “Cranberry Blood Orange” tea and “Ginger Peach” tea, as well as a snowman mug to drink out of that I also found at Safeway! To go along with my “at home” theme, I included a debi lilly design ™ candle I also found at Safeway that smells of birch, cedar and pine. The perfect scent for the holiday season. What goes well with caffeine? Chocolate, of course! And who doesn’t love that? Signature RESERVE makes some delicious, decadentchocolates and I picked my favorites: Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate caramel. They even have some sea salt on top! 

I put everything into a basket that I already had in my home and wrapped it up for my neighbor who is always there for my family this time of year. I know they will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on making someone feel appreciated this season, which is why Safeway’s Signature RESERVE line is my go-to for gift basket making this time of year!

Make your holiday gift basket special with ultra-premium Signature RESERVE products. I buy my Signature RESERVE ™ products at my local Safeway and you can also find them exclusively at all of the Albertsons Companies family of stores, including Albertsons, ACME, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market, and Carrs/Safeway. Visit to find a store near you and discover more meal prep tips and recipe ideas.

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My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts!

Lately, I’ve been loving listening to podcasts! I listen while I’m cleaning up around the house, getting some work done and just as a general break from listening to my favorite music which can get old after constantly putting the same ones on repeat! I’ve done a bunch of podcast listening and with the help of my assistant Caroline, have come up with some favorites that I’m excited to show you all!

My Favorite Murder

If you love true crime, this is the podcast for you. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff are two comedians who share an affinity for all things murder. The two engage in light-hearted banter while discussing their “favorite murders” that week offering insight to how they think the story will turn next or researching fan theories. My Favorite Murder is currently at No. 20 on iTunes’ Top Podcast chart and for good reason. I love listening to their favorite murders as well as fans writing in about their “hometown murders” or other creepy happenings.

Chicks in The Office

If you love pop culture and celeb gossip, Chicks in the Office by Barstool Sports is the podcast for you! Barstool’s Ria and Fran have the friendship you and your best friend have and listening to them discuss the latest in pop culture always keeps me up to date every Monday when they drop new episodes!

Almost Famous Podcast

If you’re as big of a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan as I am, this is the podcast for you! While the podcast is technically not “in season” right now, I love listening to hosts and former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins discuss the previous night’s episode. They even have the recently booted off contestants come on and set the record straight or give their two cents on the season. If you don’t have friends to discuss the latest episodes with, this is the perfect way to recap the previous night’s episode!

The GaryVee Audio Experience

I personally prefer motivational podcasts like Gary Vaynerchuk’s “The GaryVee Audio Experience!” Gary is a CEO, investor, vlogger and public speaker who motivates everyone to follow their dreams. His podcast episodes are kind of a mix of all of the above: Some interviews with notable guests, speeches about marketing and business ventures and just a bunch of daily thoughts that resonate with all listeners. I saw Gary when he came to George Mason University in Fairfax for a keynote speech and he was amazing. I highly recommend listening to him if you have not already!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST MY FAVORITE…The “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Exhausted!” Podcast!

My BFF and fellow blogger/influencer Lauren Stewart (AKA @lauren.stewart_dc ) has started her own podcast! I am so excited for her and as someone who is hopefully going to be a mom soon, I totally appreciated her first episode. Lauren will have different guests on every episode discussing everything from Motherhood, Body image, social media, makeup tips, “Your child said what!?” and so much more! You can listen to here first episode HERE: and her second just launched TODAY, which is HERE:

Have a favorite podcast? I would love to listen to a few more! Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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Bridal Box from Babble Boxx

I’ve partnered with Babble Boxx to help share some great items that every bride will need either during or after the BIG day! I’m excited to show you some of their top picks.

First up is Mixbook. It’s a great way to design and create your own ideas and make them come true on paper. You can make it your own personal style. There is also a 50% OFF discount code in the photo for anyone who would like to use it!

Website: HERE

CODE: BABBLE50 – 50% off all wedding stationery. Expires 12/31/2018

You can visit them on their social channels for more info and to purchase:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest: @mixbook

Next we have RingHero – This brand was created by three women entrepreneurs in Chi-town! They all said they had the exact same problem, no safe place to put their ring while working out, running, hiking or doing anything else that involved doing something active.

Below you can see how you simply unzip, place and zip! Put this band on your arm and you’re ready to go hiking or running! Maybe even an OTF workout like myself.

You can visit them on their social channels for more info and to purchase:

Website: HERE

Discount Code: “BBRingHero” 10% off code, Valid May 1st–June 30th, 2018

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest: @YourRingHero

Charles & Colvard sent these STUNNING earrings, I almost died when I open this box. They are based in North Carolina and are the original creators of the Moissanite!

I know I will be rocking these during some fun events leading up to my wedding. They are also perfect for day to day wear. SO SO Stunning!!!!

You can visit them on their social channels for more info and to purchase:

Facebook: @charlesandcolvard

Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest: @charles_colvard

This is a must have for your wedding day! The Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer is not only super sexy, it will hold me into place in all the right spots. *wink wink* Don’t we all need this?! I know I do! I also love how it has some stretch to it, I can breathe in it just fine. I know some I’ve tried before kind over does it and it’s way too uncomfortable. Good job, this not only makes you feel sexy, you look sexy too!

You can visit them on their social channels for more info and to purchase:

Website: HERE

Instagram: @bali_intimates

Facebook: @bali.intimates

Twitter: @BaliIntimates

ZOYA nail polish is a brand I fell in love with during NYFW so I’m really excited to see them in this box as well. They have the biggest range of colors I’ve ever seen, and they are beyond stunning.

The three colors below are:

Jordan (ZP886), Leia (ZP835) and Abby (ZP887). Packaged in a stylish white trio box!

Zoya is a Big-10 free breathable formula free of: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutl, Toluene, Camphor,TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Ethyl, Tosylamide, Lead.

You can visit them on their social channels for more info and to purchase:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest: @ZoyaNailPolish

Website: HERE

I hope some of you future brides found some great gifts for yourself or even for your best friends who are currently engaged to be married. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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Pool and Beach Day Beauty with Dove

There are plenty of beach and pool days still left this summer and making sure you have the right products to keep you protected is important.

Everything from the right SPF to even the best antiperspirant has to be in your bag.

Today I am so excited to partner with Dove and Simply Stylist to share my experience with Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. I have been using Dove for over four years now and since the day I switched , I’ve never looked back. Yes, this is a sponsored post but, I am a true believer of how much my under arm skin has changed since using Dove. We all know and have felt the dryness, seen the uneven skin tone or even had red marks from shaving our underarms. For me, I was one of the 2 in 3 women who experience this, I’ve had issues with redness and dryness after shaving. IMG_6356

Dove Advanced Care’s Nutrium Moisture formula  has changed how my skin looks under my arms, the softness is unreal…I know, you probably are skeptical… try it and you’ll be waving your hands up in the air for all to see! I also have no redness, no bumps and no harsh signs of shaving. Just like the sticker says on Dove antiperspirant “confidence is irresistible” — how true is that statement? We want to wear our bikinis, sun dresses or tanks with no worry of embarrassing side effects from shaving.


Shower and Shave (don’t forget that! haha I’ve done it before) Then I pack my pool bag with my SPF (face and body), beach towel, my latest book I’m reading (Birdman), a bottle of water, snacks, and of course my Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.

Dove gives me the comfort knowing that I have 48 hours of odor and wetness protection. You can also choose from 15 different scents and formulas that all give you the best protection you could ask for. I have a few favorites that I rotate through: Cool Essentials (cucumber and green tea) – Shea Butter ( hints of shea butter, rose, vanilla, and lily of the valley) and Caring Coconut (light coconut and jasmine notes)!

I wanted to share my feedback and well as how I get myself ready for a pool/beach day. Today I’ll be heading to the pool after this and going to enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having here in Northern Virginia! Please feel free to share your beauty routine below as well. If you haven’t tried Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant, I really back this product and believe it would change your skin. Give it a try. Come find me and we can wave our arms in the air together!

xx Tonya Michelle


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Beat The Heat – Must Haves

BEAT THE HEAT BOX by babbleboxx

IMG_4972I am so honored to be able to give you some of the best reviews on some amazing products that #BabbleBoxx sent my way.

These five items below are exactly what everyone needs to have a fun-beauty filled summer.

Everything from an amazing new perfume to some sparkling water that will make your taste buds get up and dance!!!

Who’s ready to dive into some goodies? *Raises hand*

First I’d like to introduce: Vichy


Their gel moisturizer is unlike anything I’ve gotten my hands on. The mineralizing thermal water strengthens your skin again external aggressors, aka the heat, cold & daily activities we put our skin through. (Drink your water ladies!!) You can apply this twice a day, morning and evening after you clean your face. Apply gently and massage into your skin avoiding your eyes. It’s light weight, oil-free and it’s made for us ladies with normal to combination skin.

Vichy Special offer: 20% off + FREE shipping. Use promo code: “BABBLE” at check out. Offer is valid until 08/15/16 11:59pm PST

(offer not valid on other discounts or gift sets)

Direct link to purchase: Click Here

Social Media Accounts: InstagramTwitterPinterest Facebook – YouTube

Secondly I’d like to introduce: Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips


Hair can be our best friend and our worst nightmare…all depends on placement, haha you know I’m right!?! Nad’s wax strips provide a way to exfoliate the skin while waxing as well. Weekly usage can help prevent and minimize those unwanted ingrown hairs (OUCH!) Who doesn’t want glowing, soft and silky skin in the summer? (All year around if you ask me!) I used these on my arms and it didn’t phase me to be honest. My hair is thinner so that might help as well. Have you used Nads? What’s your feedback?

Direct Link: Nads

Social Media Accounts: InstagramTwitterFacebook

Third product I got to test is: Butter London Lost In Leisure Lacquer Set


This limited edition set is not only making me super excited for my Key West trip later this month, it’s going to have my nails looking amazing with my summer colors and tan!! One of my favorite features about this nail polish is it’s one stroke coverage. Who has time to apply 3 layers, dry and then top coat? Not me! I’m always on the go, I need things to happen quickly, haha. The high shine finish is flawless & also provides a chip resistant wear.

Butter London’s special offer: 20% off your first purchase at with code: BabbleBoxx2016 !

Social Media Links: InstagramTwitterFacebook– Snapchat: butterLONDONHQ


Fourth product I’m super excited to talk about: LaCroix Cúrate Melón Pomelo


Not only do I drink these daily, I pass them out at work. These are hands down amazingly delicious. I was so excited when this new flavor came in my #babbleboxx because I’ve been in love with their other flavors as well. (Cranberry Apple is fire!) You can try all 6 flavors, they come in 12 oz cans and are a great fix to any soda cravings you might have. (Ditch the soda ladies, it’s bad for your skin!) LaCroix is 100% natural and ZERO sugars – ZERO calories – ZERO sodium and ZERO caffeine! I always cut up fresh lemons and limes for mine, ads a little kick! These also fit in my purse, while I’m on the go I never have to worry about not being hydrated!

Social Media Links: InstagramTwitterFacebook

Last but not least, my newest obsession – must spray every morning : Tempting by Sofia Vergara


The first thing I did when I received this box was open up this perfume and spray myself 3 times with it. It smells like Heaven, yes I hope this is exactly what Heaven smells like. My construction manager already bought this for his wife after I made him smell it as well. (It only took 3 mins for that sale, wish I could sell homes that fast – haha) Right now the 1 oz. is only available online and in stores at Perfumania. The 3.4 oz that I received will hit major retailers nationwide in September so be on the look out! A little pointer as well, never rub your wrists together when you spray, only let it air dry. It’s the best way for the perfume to react to your natural scent.

Direct link to purchase: Perfumania

Social Media Links: InstagramTwitterFacebook

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

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Kevyn Aucoin Pressed Powder


Today I tried out @kevynaucoin pressed power and to be honest at first I was a little skeptical on how it would look and feel on my skin. I have my favorites that I use on a daily basis (I think we all do) but after applying it and finishing with my bronzer and blush…. I am a fan!


It helps conceal my blemishes and has a weightless feel, perfect right? Doesn’t look “cakey” on and it has a semi-matte finish.

I’ve always wanted to try this line but the price made me worry “What if I don’t like it?” but Hautelook had a huge sale and featured this product a few weeks back. For $7 I could take a risk!

I linked some of the foundations below that are for sale at Bergdorf’s:

Kevyn Aucoin Foundations

This will now be my go-to, who doesn’t want to cover blemishes and have a soft look when you’re finished?

Would love to hear your results if you decide to try as well!


Tonya Michelle

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Designer Living Giveaway!

Hello! I am teaming up with @designer_living for an amazing giveaway. You have the chance to win this gorgeous bedding!! All you have to do to enter is follow these simple steps:


  1. Follow @designer_living
  2. Follow @tonyamichelle26image1
  3. Tag 3 friends who would love for you to win
  4. For an EXTRA entry…comment below on why you’d like to win!


This sweepstakes runs from 2/23/16 at Noon EST and end 3/1/16 at Noon EST. A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on 3/2/16. The winner will have 24 hours to claim the prize.


Please note: This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Instagram, inc. This giveaway is fully sponsored by Designer Living and Tonya Michelle.


By entering you are confirming that you are 18+ years of age, that you release Instagram of any/all responsibility and that you agree to Instagram’s term of use. No purchase necessary. This giveaway is only available to United States residents. Disclaimer-void where prohibited by law, no purchase necessary.


Good luck!!



Tonya Michelle

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