Walmart fashion haul–all under $25!

I went to my local Walmart and found some AMAZING fall wardrobe pieces. You should know by now that I love a good outfit that is affordable and still trendy. Below are the items I personally loved and a few others online that I found!

Jeans: $22Thermal Shirt $8 (10 colors)

Sizing: Wearing a size 8 in jeans and a size medium in the top.

Sweater: $11Jeans: $22

Sizing: Wearing a size medium in the sweater, could do a size large if you wanted it to be tunic style for leggings. This is a dupe I’ve seen around a lot of boutiques but for over $50! Crazy right?

I couldn’t find this sweater online which is upsetting because it’s literally SO soft and flattering. I’m going back tomorrow to pick up other colors. It’s also under $20. Wearing a medium.

Black Jeggings: $12

Some other cute sweater options:

Fun Sherpa for the WIN! $10 – comes in 8 colors. I’m wearing a large for extra comfort and room. Could do a medium if I wanted.

Aztec Cardigan: $15 – Comes in other colors!

*YAWN* PJ set! $19

Other winter favorites:

Affordable and fashionable Shoes:

Other must haves:

Hope you found something you loved for your new fall wardrobe!

Which Walmart fashion find is your favorite? I’d love to know in the comments below!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 – What I bought!

It’s FINALLY here! Now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public, I’m letting you all know what I purchased! Caroline and I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 early access as we are both cardholders so everything I am sharing below is what I have purchased!

The sale opens to the public Friday, July 19 at 12:30 p.m. EST and will last until Sunday, August 4!

You can check out some more of my favorites with items I decided not to purchase, and some I did decide to purchase here.

If you see anything you like, please use my links to shop! Using my links to shop my picks is at no cost to you and helps my business as well as shows me what you guys like! Caroline and I worked really hard with coverage for this sale and so appreciate your support!

What Caroline bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019:

These are three items that Caroline purchased from the Nordstrom sale! From Caroline: I needed a winter coat as I didn’t have one and I’m really into the “shiny” jacket trend. This jacket is perfect. I’m wearing my usual size of a small and it fits perfectly. It is also packable and comfortable! This jacket comes in petite sizing as well as a bright orange/yellow and a white color. Hannah the Bachelorette has this jacket! I also purchased three of those v-neck tees. They’re super comfortable and come in a lot of different colors. I sized up to a medium as I think they run small! Lastly, I got suckered into buying this cardigan! My office gets very cold and I would usually never spend this much on any item of clothing, however, once I tried it on, I was sold. This is quite possibly the most comfortable item I own and I justified buying it knowing I will be wearing this every day this fall and winter! I’m wearing my usual size of a small/medium!

What I bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019:

This outfit is so perfect for the upcoming fall and winter! If you’re lounging around the house or hitting the gym, the blush pink of the sweater paired with the gold in the sneakers is so fun and feminine and provides a nice pop of color during these gloomy months! I’m wearing a size medium in the jacket and a size 9 in the sneakers (my normal size). Many are saying to size down in these sneakers, but I didn’t because I don’t like to wear socks with mine!

Jacket, on sale: $58.90. After sale: $89.00

Sneakers, on sale: $63.90. After sale: $85.00

This lightweight cardigan is great for any season! It comes in five colors and it runs large so definitely size down! I am wearing a size small and I am usually a medium. The wedged sneakers are also great for any season and can dress up any outfit. I’m wearing a size 9.5 and they come in black and the color I’m wearing, taupe!

Wedged sneakers, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $99.95

Cardigan, on sale: $49.90. After sale: $79.00

This cardigan is the comfiest thing I have ever owned. I was very sticker shocked, but let me tell you when I say it is WORTH the price! I’m wearing a size small/medium. I’ll be wearing these wedged sneakers all fall long as well. Wearing a size 9.5!

Cardigan, on sale: $76.90. After sale: $116.00

Long sleeve shirt, on sale: $24.90. After sale: $39.00

Wedged sneakers, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $99.95

Here are a couple of different ways to style a basic cardigan! I love this pink cardigan. I’m wearing a size small as it runs large! The long sleeve shirt is a must-have fall basic item for your closet and comes in other patterns and colors! Wearing a size medium here. The boots are so comfortable AND they’re waterproof! I’m wearing a size 9.5.

Cardigan, on sale: $49.90. After sale: $79.00

Long sleeve shirt, on sale: $24.90. After sale: $39.00

Boots, on sale: $159.90. After sale: $239.95

Camo joggers, on sale: $25.90. After sale: $39.00

Wedged sneakers, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $99.95

I think this crewneck sweater is so fun for fall. I just love the colors! I’m wearing a size medium. The wedged sneakers I’ll be wearing all fall are a size 9.5!

Sweater, on sale: $45.90. After sale: $69.00

Wedged sneakers, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $99.95

This is my go-to fall outfit: A flannel, jeans and boots! This flannel is so cute and it runs large, however, I decided to size up a lot as I like a big, oversized fit. I’m wearing a size XXL! The jeans are so comfortable and a great buy during this sale. I’m wearing a size 28 These waterproof boots are a must-have as well. Wearing a size 9.5.

Flannel, on sale: $45.90. After sale: $69.00

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

Boots, on sale: $159.90. After sale: $239.95

This top is the cutest! I love the ombre look and it’s so comfortable and affordable. I’m wearing a size medium and it looks great with the bump. The boots, again, are a great buy! Size 9.5!

Long sleeve, on sale: $31.90. After sale: $49.00

Boots, on sale: $159.90. After sale: $239.95

Another outfit I will be living in this fall! This jacket is so cozy and elegant. You can dress it up or down depending on what you’re doing and it’s very affordable and amazing quality. I’m wearing a size medium! These waterproof boots again are the best! Size 9.5!

Shirt, on sale: $31.90. After sale: $49.00

Jacket, on sale: $149.90. After sale: $240.00

Boots, on sale: $159.90. After sale: $239.95

OK…I get that this jacket seems very expensive, however, this was my one splurge item from the sale and I knew I would wear it SO much! If you’re looking for a nice, longline, dressy jacket, I would highly recommend this one! It comes in a dark green and a gray as well. I’m wearing the dusty pink in a size medium! These boots are the best, I’m telling you! Size 9.5!

Shirt, on sale: $31.90. After sale: $49.00

Coat, on sale: $384.90. After sale: $575.00

Boots, on sale: $159.90. After sale: $239.95

This sweater is SO comfortable! I get that it seems very expensive, however, I was looking for quality items during this sale that I knew I would wear over and over again this fall and winter. I’m wearing a size medium! These booties are so comfortable and cute! I love the little cut out on the side. They also come in a pretty leopard print that I almost bought but I have so much leopard print I decided to go for the snakeskin! I’m wearing a size 9.5! These jeans are so comfortable and work with the bump! I’m wearing a size 28.

Sweater, on sale: $98.90. After sale: $148.00

Booties, on sale: $79.90. After sale: $119.95

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

This jacket is so cute and comfortable! Fall and winter can be pretty dreary, so I wanted to add a fun pop of color to my outfits sometimes! It’s also super affordable during this sale! I’m wearing a size medium! I’m wearing a size 9.5 in the boots and in the sneakers I have been wearing above!

Jacket, on sale: $58.90. After sale: $89.00

Boots, on sale: $159.90. After sale: $239.95

Sneakers, on sale: $63.90. After sale: $85.00

This sweater is so comfortable and I know I will be wearing this constantly! I’m wearing a size medium and it comes in a few different colors. The sneakers are again so comfortable and I’m wearing my usual size 9.5!

Cardigan, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $98.00

Sneakers, on sale: $63.90. After sale: $85.00

This cardigan is the same brand but a different color than the one above! This is an outfit I know I will wear all season. The snakeskin booties add a fun element to an otherwise “plain” outfit and they’re so cute! I’m wearing a size medium in the cardigan and a size 9.5 in the booties! These jeans are great and super discounted as well. I’m wearing a size 28.

Cardigan: on sale: $98.90. After sale: $148.00

Booties, on sale: $79.90. After sale: $119.95

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

Denim on denim is in and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! This denim jacket is SO soft and comfortable and I love the tie option to give your waist a little cinch! I’m wearing a size medium. I’m wearing the same jeans as above in a size 28.

Denim jacket, on sale: $79.99. After sale: $128.00

Booties, on sale: $79.90. After sale: $119.95

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

A military jacket is a MUST for fall! This jacket is such high quality and SO comfortable! It’s a little bit of a splurge but trust me when I say you won’t regret it! I’m wearing a size medium. The jeans are again, so comfortable. I’m wearing a size 28 These snakeskin booties are so fun with this outfit. I know I’ll be wearing these all season long! I’m wearing a size 9.5!

Jacket, on sale: $125.90. After sale: $188.00

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

Booties, on sale: $79.90. After sale: $119.95

Camo is one of my favorite prints. This sweatshirt is so comfortable and perfect for fall. I’m wearing a size large as I wanted more of an oversized fit! The camo print is currently sold out but there are other colors available and when it restocks it will be available at the link below! Paired with my favorite jeans from the sale in size 28 and my wedged sneakers in size 9.5 this is the perfect casual fall look!

Sweatshirt, on sale: $29.90. After sale: $49.00

Wedged sneakers, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $99.95

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

If you’re looking for a black bootie for fall, these are it! They are such high quality and I love the fun cut out on the side. I’m wearing my usual size 9.5! Paired with the jeans in size 28. that I’ve been wearing throughout this try-on, this green leopard print tee is SO soft and so comfortable! You can definitely wear this all seasons as well. I’m wearing a size large. Unfortunately, this tee is currently sold out. However, I’ve linked a similar one from the same brand below and will let you all know when it’s restocked!

Booties, on sale: $99.90. After sale: $149.95

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

Tee, on sale: $15.90. After sale: $25.00

I saw a lot of people linking this cardigan, and to be honest I thought I could find the same one for a lot cheaper elsewhere. However, I totally understood why everyone is loving this cardigan when I tried it on! It is SO soft and such high quality. I think this is a must-buy for sure. I’m wearing a size medium! These black booties are so fun with it to dress it up and the wedged sneakers to dress it down. Both shoes are a size 9.5! These jeans in size 28 are so comfortable too!

Booties, on sale: $99.90. After sale: $149.95

Cardigan, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $98.00

Jeans, on sale: $89.90. After sale: $135.00

Wedged sneakers, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $99.95

Last but not least, this freckled sweater is so cute. I wanted a longer, more oversized fit, so I got a size XXL! It comes in a few other colors as well. These wedged sneakers are so cute with it and give it a little bit more of a dressed-up vibe! I’m wearing a size 9.5!

Sweater, on sale: $49.90. After sale: $79.00

Wedged sneakers, on sale: $64.90. After sale: $99.95

Some other items I loved and am still thinking about picking up:



So…I definitely did some damage during the Nordstrom Sale! I would love to know what your favorite picks and outfits are! Let me know in the comments below!

Xx, Tonya Michelle

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Faux Fur Jackets — most under $45!

Faux fur is one of my favorite things to wear. Whether it’s on boots, jacket or even my handbag. I’m a huge fan to be honest. I have “way too much” even though I truly don’t think you can ever have enough. 

This jacket is under $30! I’m wearing a medium. Shop below.

If there is a certain look you’re going for, a simple or “extra” faux fur jacket can really seal the outfit.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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Plaids + Capes – Under $50!!

The easiest way to take a plain basic outfit and turn it classy & ready for dinner or work! Whether you’re wearing dress plants, jeans, leather pants or a skirt. It’s also how I take a lazy day where I don’t feel like getting dressed really and it helps me look more put together. You can add a belt around the cape like I did below as well. A simple accessory that can also change up your look. Below I’ve link this exact cape and some others that I thought we’re stunning!

Plaid Capes & Shirts:

Black Booties:

Faux Leather Pants:

Mine are from studiotwenty8fifty7 but they sold out!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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Fall into the stripe trend! Striped Sweaters under $40!!

I fell into the colorful stripe trend! I’m someone who loves a fun pop of color so this trend is super fun to me. Below I’ve linked all of my favorites I’ve found for under $40! Click the photo of any sweater to shop directly.

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Must have cardigans for Fall!

Fall is finally here! Fall fashion is my favorite. I break out all of my favorite sweaters, oversized flannels and beanies with my favorite jeans or leggings and feel cozy all season!

One of my favorite summer to fall transition pieces are cardigans! Cardigans are easy to pair with almost any outfit from jeans and a top to a dress. They’re the perfect transition piece when it’s chilly in the morning and warmer during the afternoon. Perfect for chilly office environments or an evening out.

You don’t have to break the bank while looking stylish. I’ve linked all of my favorite cardigans for fall that are all under $50 from some of my go-to stores!

Hooded cardigans

The only thing better than a cardigan sweater is a cardigan sweater with a hood. These are SO cute and stylish, and I can already picture myself wearing these on a rainy day with my favorite umbrella.

Printed cardigans

There’s nothing more stylish than a fun print. Animal prints are so in right now for fall and stripes are a classic wardrobe staple that you cannot go wrong with!

Textured cardigans

I am so obsessed with textured cardigans and love that the “popcorn” texture is back in style. These are some of my favorite textured cardigans that I’ve found that just look so comfy and cozy.

Solid colored cardigans

Last but not least, the wardrobe must-have of a solid colored cardigan. These fall colors of deep lilac, charcoal and mustard are so in for fall right now that you’ve got to find one that you love to play around with. They’re so easy to style with a fun print top or dress!

Do you have a favorite cardigan you love?

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Slide into fall with this new shoe trend!

One shoe trend that I just can’t get enough of this summer are slides! Caroline and I have both been obsessed with slide sandals and mules this summer and they are the perfect staple to add to your wardrobe and an easy transition into fall!

Here are some of my favorites:

Also some others:

Kendall & Kylie Shiloh Chain Leather Slide Sandal

Nordstrom Rack is always my go-to for shoes and when I saw these chain leather slides on sale a few months ago, I knew I just had to get them! I have these in white and I am obsessed and get so many compliments on them. PLUS they’re on sale for 70% off right now!

Adidas Slides

For a sportier look, I got these Adidas slides in white and love them. They’re so comfortable and look sleek for coming from the gym or taking the dogs on a walk. Plus they’re on sale at Journey’s right now!

NotRated Slides

Another pair of slides that I love that Caroline purchased recently from Journey’s are these slides from Not Rated! They come in black, white and nude and they’re SO cute. I love the floral detail on them and they’re dressier than wearing flip-flops!

Link to black:


Link to nude:


Link to white:

Do you have a pair of slides that you love? I would love to hear in the comments below.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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How to pair Fenty Beauty and JCPenney Fashion x Sephora inside JCPenney

Exciting things happening! Many of you have tried some of the products from Fenty Beauty, but have you SEEN the new products yet?! I am SO pumped! In collaboration with Sephora inside JCPenney I will be showing you how I styled three different outfits from JCPenney with three different colors from Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle Lip Collection which I got at Sephora inside JCPenney too!

JCPenney opened Sephora inside JCPenney at their stores in 2006 and they are doing big things! High quality clothes AND high end beauty products in one place?? YES PLEASE. It’s a great way to get everything you need to shop for in one place.

Sephora inside JCPenney also offers free mini-makeovers at their locations! Guess who got to go in-store and try the new Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle line? YES, ME! This line has 14 amazing, matte lipstick shades that will seriously leave you speechless! I decided to do 3 different outfits with my #FentyFace and match 3 fun colors from the Mattemoiselle Collection.

Click HERE to check out all the colors!

Below, I have on this Project Runway Knot Waist Sweatshirt Dress (perfect for chilly days). I love the details in the middle of this dress because it accentuates my waist and my curves. Sometimes, in the winter, we end up of losing our shape with all of the thick clothes and layers we have to wear to stay warm!

Direct link to shop is HERE.

Comes in 2 colors: Purple & Grey. I’m wearing a size small.

Currently on sale for under $30!

I decided to pair this outfit with the Mattemoiselle lipstick in the shade “Griselda”. I think this lip shade ties the outfit together nicely and isn’t “too girly”. 

Link to shop is HERE.

Also wearing these awesome suede, knee high boots from Liz Claiborne! I am obsessed with these boots. I always have a hard time finding a pair of boots that don’t slouch down while walking, these stay in place!

Link to shop is HERE. Currently 80% off!! No joke, $20!

If you have heard anything about Fenty Beauty at this point, you know that Rihanna is killin’ it when it comes to quality! And above all- she actually made products for ALL skin types and shades. No, seriously…all of them. A lot of brands claim to be all-inclusive, but end up falling short. Not this line! The colors are SO rich and yet still light and wearable! And the shades go from light to dark, and everything in between!

Click HERE to shop the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundations.

The second outfit I put together has more contrast. I LOVE contrast in my outfits, and these Mattemoiselle shades will have plenty of options for that! SO, can we talk about these bell sleeves?! This blouse is from T.D.C Funnel – The sleeves are the perfect length so I still feel comfortable going out to eat and not getting food all over! Yeah, I’m clumsy! So what?! Haha.

Click HERE to shop!

They currently have black in stock. I’m wearing a size small!

I paired this top with black pants from BELLE + SKY and, yep, those suede knee high boots, again! I told you I love them!

The Mattemoiselle lipstick Plush Matte lipstick shade I went with for this outfit is “Shawty”. I swear, the names of these lip colors are almost just as awesome as the line itself! I chose this shade because it’s a much darker color and it looks awesome against a white top. Plus, it made my outfit just a bit more edgy.

Click HERE for the lipstick!

My third outfit was honestly my favorite and kind of out of my comfort zone — which is why I’m releasing how much I loved it. I was challenged to pick an outfit I usually wouldn’t wear and pair it with a color lip I haven’t done before either. Challenge taken and I’m in love!!

I rocked this killer floral track suit with my feminist t-shirt underneath.

Don’t you just love this? I now wanna wear this jacket all the time.

Project Runway Floral Bomber Jacket – it’s currently on sale – under $20!!

Click HERE to shop the jacket.

Project Runway Floral Track Pants – also on sale – under $35!!

Click HERE to shop the pants.

My feminist t-shirt is also from the Project Runway Line! It’s currently under $10.

Click HERE to shop this graphic t-shirt!

For this look I wanted to pair it with a FUN & in-your-face color! I picked “One Of The Boyz” — it’s a gorgeous lilac color. I’m glad I tried something I normally wouldn’t. It made me want to explore more when it comes to colors in my makeup routine!

Click HERE to shop this lipstick!

Don’t forget to enter the fun giveaway that is on my Instagram. Below is a direct link to enter to win a $100 giftcard to Sephora inside JCPenney!!!!

Enter HERE!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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An Easy Way To Wear A Dress In Winter!

Wintertime would be SO much cooler (pun intended) if we could continue wearing our favorite clothes without freezing to death. Well, luckily there are a couple things we can do to keep frostbite at bay. When the cold air hits, there are still a ton of outfits we can get away with, as long as it isn’t super windy. NOTHING can get past that wind! I LOVE wearing dresses year round, so I am always thinking of new ways to style them and stay warm(ish).

As we all know, layering is so important when trying to stay warm. The dress I am wearing is from one of my favorite stores and it’s linked below! It has thin fabric, but it’s layered with a thicker slip underneath. I also like that the sleeves are long and thin, so I can wear it under virtually ANY jacket or coat.

NEXT- Leggings, tights, stockings-oh my! I picked these fun ones up at my local Macy’s Backstage inside Macy’s (thank you for the gift card!!)

You could be wearing the most simple dress but be able to jazz it up perfectly with the right pair of tights or stockings! I have found some amazing and inexpensive stockings at a few stores this season and they are linked below for you. The ones I am wearing below are flower printed, so they are edgy, but still feminine. I like pairing this dress with a black coat that runs a little longer than the dress itself, that way I can still show off my stockings, and ankle boots (or booties) !

Alright, so we will stay reasonably warm for a quick walk to the movies (or wherever you are going that night) from the car. Right? Right! What are we missing?

Yup- ACCESSORIES! One thing I will always adore about accessories is that the weather doesn’t matter! The fashion gods didn’t let us down in that department. (thank you, fashion gods!) Below the sunnies I have linked you can shop and also get $15 each or anything from their website by using code: tonyamichelle — every dollar saved counts!!

I decided to wear these round, jet black, sunnies to pull together my whole outfit. With my black boots, my belt, and my sunnies, everything comes together nicely!

Also the lip color I’m wearing is linked HERE.

So, like I said earlier, this outfit is a bit edgy, but still feminine. I kept that same vibe with my makeup as well. I was a little light on my eyes, but decided on a darker lipstick. You can also find similar circle earrings here!

Well, I hope you all like this look as much as I do!


xx, Tonya Michelle

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Shop the latest fashion trends with ZAFUL

I’ve been hearing so much about ZAFUL – a one stop shop online for the latest and greatest fashion trends, for affordable prices. I teamed up with them today to share some of my favorites picks! I will also be sharing some others looks later cause I just placed another order!!

**At the end of this post are some great discount codes to use**

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new dress, the latest pearl sweater trend or even some pom pom action – ZAFUL has you covered and won’t break your bank.

I’ve been dying over the over the “pearl” trend and I had to get my hands on one of these sweaters. It comes in 3 colors and it’s under $30! I’m wearing a medium. Direct link to shop is HERE!

I’m all about fun patterns and making a statement, which you guys already know. I saw this Mesh floral pattern dress and had to have it. 

How fun is this? The quality on this is LEGIT. I purchased in brown cause I wanted my hair to show when wearing. It comes in black, green and brown!

I styled mine with some hunter green booties. You can add black tights and even do some thigh highs! Again, taking one piece and being able to wear it in multiple seasons is great.

It’s under $20! Runs true to size. I’m wearing a Medium. (I’m 5’7″)

Direct link to purchase is HERE.

Another sweater that I fell in love with is this pink pompom pullover!! I love being able to wear the latest trends and not have to be sad about how much I paid for it when I decide to donate or give to a friend. 

It’s easy to style, I personally wore it with some jeans and sneakers. You could wear black pants and heels, add a statement necklace and you’re ready to go. I love pieces you can wear different ways.

It comes in “one size” – it would fit a S/M perfectly. It’s under $25. 

Direct link to shop is HERE.

These jeans are also something I had to pick up. High waisted destroyed denim!!

Can’t ever have enough good jeans, this fit me like a glove and I might order a second pair.

They run true to size! I’m wearing a size 27 (I usually wear a 27 or 4) They are under $30! They have a few sizes left!! Direct link to shop is HERE.

I also picked up these stunner shades! The Double Rims Pilot Sunglasses in Black, They are under $10. No joke, I was shocked and didn’t believe it at first. They are well made and I’ve been wearing them every other day for the last 2 weeks! Direct link for these sunnies are HERE.

If you’re anything like me with sunnies, I sit on them and lose them, for under $10 you can’t beat it. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini haul from ZAFUL! You can shop any of their deals HERE and also there are some great discount codes you can use below. Make sure to click my link when shopping, it let’s the brand know you saw it from my post!

For additional discounts include code: SPOUTSZ11 
Discount: $5 OFF $40,$10 OFF $60,$13 OFF $80,$17 OFF $100,$21 OFF $120,$27 OFF $150,$34 OFF $180,$40 OFF $200
(End time Jan 15th, 2018 )

Happy Holidays 🙂

xx, Tonya Michelle

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