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Hey Hey Ya’ll,
I’m back with some goodies I want to share with you, thanks to Beauty the Beauty! (They are pampering my hair and it’s been much needed.)
I got these hair products in about a week ago, and the hair gods have been good to me since. I blow dry, straighten or curl my hair 5 days a week and lately my hair has been screaming “Help Help!” I know I shouldn’t do so much to my hair, but I can’t help it. Dry shampoo is also one of my best friends, which will be coming in a blog post later. I live by it. So let’s get into how these products are helping me get that extra sass in my hair!!
The Olea hair mask is great for my hair because sometimes I use box dye.  I know, I know, it’s not good to use box dye but sometimes a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do! This hair mask has helped put some moisture and shine back into my hair and who wouldn’t want that? The E Serum has also helped me keep my locks shiny and under control during this summer humidity. I use this product probably twice a week and already I’m noticing a little bit goes a long way! I swear, in Virginia we skipped spring and went right into crazy temperatures. Thankfully, this shampoo and conditioner has helped with hydration, leaving both my hair and scalp feeling regenerated – no doubt due to the Olive Oil in them both, which I personally love. I’m that girl who only uses conditioners on my ends and probably only twice a week. The shampoo I use every day or every 2 days. These products range in price from $0.75 (for the samples) to $20-$120 for the complete set.

If you use the coupon code “tonyamichelle50” you will receive 50% off of your order and FREE shipping.
This code is only good until Tuesday, so treat yourself to some “beautiful locks” over the holiday weekend!

I also received this complete set!
hairsetThe set includes a regular sized straightener, a mini sized straightener, and a volume curling tool.
The complete set retails for $499.99 but again you can use the coupon code “tonyamichelle50” for 50% off! What I love about this set the most is the mini. It fits perfectly into your purse, work bag, gym bag or carry on. If you’re anything like me – you’re always on the go, and might need to touch up that do! Haven’t had the chance to play around the volume tool yet but that is on my agenda this weekend while I get ready to celebrate the 4th and eat everything possible. Any diet companies reading this? Email me! I’m gonna need a good workout after this weekend. Ha Ha.


**Sponsored blog post, all thoughts are mine.**

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