Bentgo Lunch Boxes on the GO!

So I’m officially obsessed with my lunch box from @bentgolunch … I’m always on the run and this little guy has everything in its own compartments! It’s nice to be able to pack my salad or lunch, be organized and I don’t have to think about whether or not I packed a fork!


This is the salad container that I used today and one of my favorite parts of this is how there is a salad dressing holder, separate!! No more soggy salad or carrying around a full size bottle in my purse. (We have all been there!)

I was running late today so didn’t get to add much besides my croutons haha but they make lunch boxes for kids as well and honestly are affordable & dish washer safe! Thought maybe all the busy bees like me / moms would like these or anything else they have for kids!!! ?It’s easy on the wallet too!! Right now they are on sale for under $15.00 +  10% coupon “STYLEMETHRIFTED10” til the 15th too! #sponsored #ad


Enjoy! xx

Tonya Michelle


  1. I am in love with this! I would use the tiny containers for my dressing and they would leak all over my expensive purses hahaha I am the one that uses their purse for a lunchbox! These are good for snacks too, chicken, grapes, and cheese and crackers! The possibilities are endless!

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