Bebe & Bella; probiotic skincare system.

Trying new skincare is one of my favorite things, and I’m so lucky that beauty blogging lets me do such fun trials. I’ve tried some of Bebe&Belle new probiotic skincare system called Be Bella.

Below you’ll find all the products they sent me and my reviews of a few of them! Also a 20% coupon.

If you’re looking for something to WAKE UP your skin, you should give these products a try! It’s truly meant to work outside and inside on all levels to make your skin brighter, clear and healthy.


Bebe & Bella live by the line “Keep the laughter, not the lines”

Use their eye cream twice daily to do so.

It absorbs quickly and a tiny dab is all you need.


The night cream is perfect if you have dry and sensitive skin that needs some tender love and care. A little goes a long way! I used a dime size and it worked for my entire face. Apply after you’ve used the cleanser and sleep tight. Let the cream do it’s work!

Collagen Pro

Skin Care & Collagen Matrix Supplement Capsules

I just started the collagen capsules and I’ll have to report back in another week or so after results have started. I’ve heard amazing things and results people have had after only 3-4 weeks. Smoother, plump skin! This makes me not feel so bad about being 31 this year, haha. I personally won’t ever get botox or anything such, so for me this is a great idea to try!!


Raise your hand if you’re a sucker for trying new cleaners! *Raises Hand* I always try them out on my skin first (my hands) before using on my face. I get that question a lot. I like cleansers that aren’t loaded with fragrances — my skin doesn’t like them either. All you need is a small pearl size to clean your entire face, even with eye makeup on. It works wonders and I love how its packed with three fatty acids improve skin elasticity, returning the skin to a balanced pH as well. WIN WIN!

Use code “PRIMP20” for 20% off your order!

For everyone who would love more in depth facts about Be Bella:

BeBella®’s skincare secret is in its two patented anti-aging ingredients: Probiotic + Yeast Propagate Technology. Our skin-friendly yeast complex encourages faster cell turnover, enhances the skin’s protective moisture barrier, and fights off free radicals. Lactobacillus casei is a probiotic amino acid polypeptide that hydrates and exfoliates the skin as well as evens out skin tone and complexion. Through extensive research and testing, our scientific team has developed a proprietary formula that combines these powerful ingredients for maximum anti-aging effects.

Probiotics, well-known for their benefits in balancing the digestive system, when applied topically also encourage faster cell turnover, enhance the skin’s protective moisture barrier, and reverse photo-damage to the skin. The BeBella® line is water-based and contains neither sulfates nor added fragrances or coloring. Using the ‘Japanese method of layering,’ each topical product is applied one over the other in order to maximize the active ingredients. The oral supplements amplify overall health benefits to the skin when used in tandem with the topical products.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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