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BEAT THE HEAT BOX by babbleboxx

IMG_4972I am so honored to be able to give you some of the best reviews on some amazing products that #BabbleBoxx sent my way.

These five items below are exactly what everyone needs to have a fun-beauty filled summer.

Everything from an amazing new perfume to some sparkling water that will make your taste buds get up and dance!!!

Who’s ready to dive into some goodies? *Raises hand*

First I’d like to introduce: Vichy


Their gel moisturizer is unlike anything I’ve gotten my hands on. The mineralizing thermal water strengthens your skin again external aggressors, aka the heat, cold & daily activities we put our skin through. (Drink your water ladies!!) You can apply this twice a day, morning and evening after you clean your face. Apply gently and massage into your skin avoiding your eyes. It’s light weight, oil-free and it’s made for us ladies with normal to combination skin.

Vichy Special offer: 20% off + FREE shipping. Use promo code: “BABBLE” at check out. Offer is valid until 08/15/16 11:59pm PST

(offer not valid on other discounts or gift sets)

Direct link to purchase: Click Here

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Secondly I’d like to introduce: Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips


Hair can be our best friend and our worst nightmare…all depends on placement, haha you know I’m right!?! Nad’s wax strips provide a way to exfoliate the skin while waxing as well. Weekly usage can help prevent and minimize those unwanted ingrown hairs (OUCH!) Who doesn’t want glowing, soft and silky skin in the summer? (All year around if you ask me!) I used these on my arms and it didn’t phase me to be honest. My hair is thinner so that might help as well. Have you used Nads? What’s your feedback?

Direct Link: Nads

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Third product I got to test is: Butter London Lost In Leisure Lacquer Set


This limited edition set is not only making me super excited for my Key West trip later this month, it’s going to have my nails looking amazing with my summer colors and tan!! One of my favorite features about this nail polish is it’s one stroke coverage. Who has time to apply 3 layers, dry and then top coat? Not me! I’m always on the go, I need things to happen quickly, haha. The high shine finish is flawless & also provides a chip resistant wear.

Butter London’s special offer: 20% off your first purchase at with code: BabbleBoxx2016 !

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Fourth product I’m super excited to talk about: LaCroix Cúrate Melón Pomelo


Not only do I drink these daily, I pass them out at work. These are hands down amazingly delicious. I was so excited when this new flavor came in my #babbleboxx because I’ve been in love with their other flavors as well. (Cranberry Apple is fire!) You can try all 6 flavors, they come in 12 oz cans and are a great fix to any soda cravings you might have. (Ditch the soda ladies, it’s bad for your skin!) LaCroix is 100% natural and ZERO sugars – ZERO calories – ZERO sodium and ZERO caffeine! I always cut up fresh lemons and limes for mine, ads a little kick! These also fit in my purse, while I’m on the go I never have to worry about not being hydrated!

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Last but not least, my newest obsession – must spray every morning : Tempting by Sofia Vergara


The first thing I did when I received this box was open up this perfume and spray myself 3 times with it. It smells like Heaven, yes I hope this is exactly what Heaven smells like. My construction manager already bought this for his wife after I made him smell it as well. (It only took 3 mins for that sale, wish I could sell homes that fast – haha) Right now the 1 oz. is only available online and in stores at Perfumania. The 3.4 oz that I received will hit major retailers nationwide in September so be on the look out! A little pointer as well, never rub your wrists together when you spray, only let it air dry. It’s the best way for the perfume to react to your natural scent.

Direct link to purchase: Perfumania

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  1. What amazing products! That butter nail polish is gorgeous and would you believe me if I told you I’ve never had one of those drinks! I’ve been meaning to! Also now I want to go buy that perfume! Great review girl! Xo

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