The Styled Collection x Tonya Michelle

The Styled Collection

So excited to show you how I styled some of the top items from The Styled Collection. Below you will find a few different items that I picked out and had the pleasure of shooting. Finding afforable fashion pieces is one of my most exciting and favorite things to do as a blogger. What are you waiting for? Scroll down!!


I’ve been buying more quality staple pieces latest and I’m glad to be sharing this “Alamode Suede Skirt” with you. It’s currently on sale for $29 marked down from $44! Direct link to purchase is here. They have sizes XS-L, I’m wearing a size small. I’m usually a 2/4 for size reference, also I’m 5’7″. The top is called “Leighton Twist Top” — currently priced at $36, comes in black and white. Direct link to purchase here. This also comes in sizes XS-L. I’m wearing a size small.

img_9714 img_9715

They also carry some great accessories which is a must have to anyones collection! I have styled the “Tusk Collar” below and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s stunning in person.


The Tusk Collar is the perfect statement you’d want to make this Fall! Direct link to purchase here


Head to The Styled Collection website to see more of their pieces & see how you can style them!



Thank you to The Styled Collection for providing these pieces for me to review.

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Pineapple Lace Boutique x Tonya Michelle

Pineapple Lace Boutique

Picked up some amazing pieces from Pineapple Lace Boutique and I’m so excited to share them below!  When I saw the floral peasant dress online I knew this would be perfect for the transition into Fall. Add some booties and a leather jacket and you’re ready to go! When the weather starts to change you can also add some black leggings, knee high boots and a jacket. I know at least for me I adore pieces that I can wear more than just one way or just for one season, I mean come on ladies…it’s a great way to save money and to make it a staple piece!

Below are a few photos and direct link to purchase! It’s under $40!!!

img_9190 img_9191

I’m wearing a size small – under $40 – I’m 5’7″ – direct link to purchase here



I also got this beautiful brown boho lace tunic! It comes with a lace extender but in the photos I’m not wearing it. I’m wearing a size small & it’s priced under $37!!!!



Direct link to purchase : here

Comes in S/M – M/L – XL/2X

3 of each size is left!!!


Want to see what else Pineapple Lace Boutique has to offer? Head here to their site!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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My Pure x Tonya Michelle

My Pure / The Fragrance Outlet


Who doesn’t love finding a new perfume!?!

I know lately with the weather changing I’ve trying to find new perfumes with Fall notes. I was lucky enough to try the new My Pure & it’s from The Fragrance Outlet!

The hint of amber, plum, iris and woody notes — It screams Fall & sensuous.

I know we all our own favorite scents but I highly recommend giving this a try.

Click below for the direct link for more information on My Pure and also you can use coupon code: “MYPURE55” for 55% off!!

Direct link here

To find a Fragrance Outlet location near you click here

This post was sponsored by The Fragrance Outlet — my love for this perfume, all me! 🙂

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Professional Hair Care at Home x Madison Reed

I am SO excited about this collaboration. My hair hasn’t looked this fresh in years. 

“From color-matching and caring for your color, to step-by-step guidance of your at-home hair color experience…our personalized approach to service ensures you can color with total confidence.”


Sit down and get ready for your hair game to be changed.

While writing this I am whipping my hair back and forth because it looks AMAZING thanks to Madison Reed. Growing up my grandmother and mother were both hair dressers, owned their own salon and would constantly tell me “Never do box dye”.  I didn’t understand why until I went away for college and damaged my hair with the normal box dye. At the same time who wants to spend hours in a salon chair and spend over $200 dollars for hair care every 4-6 weeks? Not me. Sadly I haven’t hit the jackpot yet or became famous — crossing my fingers.

With that being said, I have a solution! Madison Reed provides the best hair coming system and it arrives right at your mail box! They give you a short quiz on the type of hair you have and what you’re looking for, your very own person consultant. What’s better than that? The price! You can do one box for $24.95 or get a discount if you choose to have it delivered every few weeks. You can choose from between every 2-8 weeks, you can also add an extra tube for longer hair for $10!


Above is one of the packages I received, I got two tubes because I also died my hair extensions (not in these photos or the video below), 2 pairs of gloves, shampoo and conditioner, cleansing wipes (for any dye that ends up on your skin), barrier cream which you put around your hair line (you’ll see me demonstrate in the video below) and a cap!

Below is a link to my Instagram video where I am show how easy this process is to do at home, it’s obviously sped up to be 40 seconds. The whole process took me about 45 mins from start to finish (35 mins was leaving the dye on)

Direct link to how easy dying your hair at home can be: here

My natural hair color is dark brown, after being in the sun all summer it lighten up so I went darker for winter. The color the online questionnaire picked out for me is called “Pescara Black” – 2NNA – Deepest caviar black. The color came out perfect and it didn’t irritate my scalp at all.  When I have used box dye in the past it would make skin dry, flaky and sometimes it would burn so much I’d get a sore on my scalp. I am so thankful for finally finding Madison Reed. Their dye is free from: PPD, phthalates, ammonia, resorcinol, parabens & gluten. And it sure does make a huge difference on the way my hair feels, my scalp feels and how the color looks.


Madison Reed also has other hair care products which I adore. The styling cream is color protecting! Which means it’s sulfate-free which keeps the color from fading. Click here for more information on the styling cream and direct link to purchase. The tame is perfect for “taming” frizz, not weighing your hair down and helps protect your hair from fading just like the styling cream. Click here for more information on the tame and direct link to purchase.

You can also purchase the both together a set and you can save a some money!

Direct link to purchase the set is here.

Their shampoo and conditioner is NEEDED for locking in color, protecting hair from UV rays and gives your hair a shine that is unbelievable. My boyfriend couldn’t keep his hands off my hair! You can purchase them separately or as a set and save over $10! Direct link to purchase the set: here

Click here to learn more about their color reviving hair gloss & purchase. They also carry accessories such as pro-color brush and bowl, salon smocks, and more!

I know when I discovered Madison Reed it’s been a game changer for me and how I treat my hair. I hope this helps other women and even men who want to have royal treatment for their hair but be able to do it in the comfort of their own home.

Madison Reed Social Media Accounts:

Madison Reed Twitter

Madison Reed Facebook

Madison Reed Instagram

Madison Reed Blog

This collaboration is brought to you by Madison Reed & Shopping Links – all opinions and thoughts above are mine.

xx Tonya Michelle

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Smell Amazing. Look Amazing. Feel Amazing.


Who doesn’t want to “smell amazing, look amazing, feel amazing” ? 


I’ve had the pleasure of trying Franklin & Whitman’s all natural products & so did my dogs! (You see that Dog Balm above? Lola & Mya enjoyed being pampered too!!)

They have one of the best “about us” statements, which I’ve posted below for you.

“To us, smells are gateways to memories and emotions. The sweet, milky warmth of vanilla, for instance, brings back memories of childhood treats and innocent pleasures. The purifying, refreshing, and energizing aroma of grapefruit helps wake the senses and gets you energized for the rest of the day. What we smell effects our mood, our energy, our passions. Our all-natural products not only smell amazing, but also nourish your hair and skin, helping you look and feel amazing!” 

How is true is that statement? I know there are SO many scents that bring me right back to a childhood memory of my grandmothers house, how her laundry room smelled and even her perfume. Two of these products brought me back which I’ll be describing below & I’m hoping I can start my own memories with my future family as well.

img_8571 img_8572 img_8573 img_8574 img_8575 img_8559


Above are my favorites! Each product is all-natural, plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle products with a social mission. What’s their social mission? Well, I’m glad you asked… It’s very dear to my heart since 1 of our dogs was rescued! “Our social mission, Hairy Animals, pledges that we will donate 5% of all Franklin & Whitman sales to Dog Rescue organizations.” Click here for more information on their mission to help our furry friends.

Before going into the products I adore, Franklin & Whitman is giving 30% off your order with the discount code TONYA30 & FREE shipping until the end of the year.

Body Scrubs: Used these while in the shower, they give your skin such a refreshing feel and smell. Wash away that dead and rough skin while enjoying the aromas of your favorite scents. Direct link to purchase here – They also have Mineral Soaks which is the next product I need to get my hands on. Nothing like a hot bath with mineral soak after a long work day, add some wine & that’s perfection for me.

Hair Serum: Use this on dry hair! I especially use this product when I curl my hair to give it some extra shine after using my hairspray. Direct link to purchase here.

Botanical Steam: I’ve used this twice already and my skin is thanking me. I’m all about trying to new ways to clean my skin. After all, you can’t hide it! It does an amazing job removing any pollutants and dirt from your skin while surrounding you in a smell that lights up your senses. Direct link to purchase here.

Face Masks: I am in love with how different these are. They come in a powder form which is great, why? Because then there isn’t any chemical preservatives! Talk about freshness. You can use them on a regular basis when you feel your skin needs some attention. I used mine 3 times in a week. I’m a face mask junky. Two thumbs up!! Direct link to purchase here.

If you wanted to do a package deal and get the facial care kit, you can! Direct link here

Dog Balm: Let’s not forget about the furry love in our lives!! Just how we love facials and mani/pedis, our dogs need some pampering too. I used the balm on their noses and paws. It helps prevent dry cracking in those areas and well as making them feel loved. We all know we pamper our dogs more than ourselves right? haha Direct link to purchase here.

Another fun and environmental safe fact about Franklin & Whitman is the packing peanuts your products come in are  100% biodegradable and are made of vegetable starch. You can throw them away or dissolve them under warm water in the sink. How thoughtful is that? It’s the little things they do that truly shows how much they care for our environment and how much we should as well.

Hope you found something new to try & don’t forget “TONYA30” for 30% off & FREE shipping!

xx Tonya Michelle

Opinions & thoughts are 100% mine, Franklin & Whitman did provide samples for me to review.

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