OSEA Malibu x Tonya Michelle


A family business that started from an idea. OSEA Malibu

“Coming from a background in holistic health and healing (and not big business) my mother knew that she had developed an all natural skincare line using the best all natural ingredients available – but would anyone else notice the difference? There was only one way to find out…” -Melissa Palmer


And boy am I glad I found out! Above you will see 4 products that I was able to try out from their line and each product is my favorite for different reasons. I will showing the Red Algae Mask selfie this weekend as well on Instagram!

Red Algae Mask


This mask is perfect for those dealing with acne as well as mask lovers in general! It’s not recommend if you have sensitive skin tho. This mask helped calm my skin, heal existing breakouts and cleaned my pores. I used this twice a week! I used it daily during the lovely time of the month, it’s when my skin really starts to be difficult.

To purchase or for more info on the Red Algae Mask click here

Atmosphere Protection Cream

A Light-Weight Daily Moisturizer that Hydrates & Protects Against Environmental Damage.


I love this moisturizer simply because it didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or greasy. It dries quickly and left my skin feeling light. It doesn’t clog your pores which is hard for me to find in a moisturizer. I used this morning and night about 3-4 pumps per time. It also smells amazing. Win win right?!

To purchase or for more information on the Atmosphere Protection Cream click here

Sea Vitamin Boost

Nourishing and Hydrating Mist


This so far is my absolute FAVORITE product by OSEA. I use this ALL the time, I wish I had someone to spray it on my face while I slept. haha But really, not kidding. It’s a spray mist which I used this for the days after the pool, I’d hop out of the shower and spray this on my face. You can let it dry or rub it in, I’m the person who fanned it dry. Doesn’t burn, doesn’t feel greasy, doesn’t clog your pores. I will be using this in the winter as well because my skin tends to get drier then. If you only can purchase one of these items, I recommend this one to start.

To purchase the Sea Vitamin Boost or for more information click here

Ocean Cleanser

Refreshing, Mineralizing Cleanser


This cleanser is amazing for so many reasons. It removes the impurities from your skin leaving it feeling brand new! What’s better than skin thats clean and refreshed? Nothing! I also used this product twice a day, morning and night. It’s also PH balanced and chemical free.

To purchase the Ocean Cleanser or for more information click here

If you’re looking to try some new skincare and want great results I would suggest any of the products above. OSEA also has gift sets if you’d like to combine products and try different ones. You can click here to see what they offer.

Also, I love their family story and how this business came about. There’s just something about a family business that I love. Maybe it’s the story, maybe it gives you the feeling of buying something that started off as a small idea and now is helping so many people achieve beautiful skin. Click here to read about their history and how OSEA came about.

Thank you OSEA for letting me try these amazing products. Hearing results is one thing, but getting them makes me happy that I’m able to share how much I enjoy these myself.

xx Tonya Michelle

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Fall Favorites x ZooShoo

The best part about changing seasons is buying new shoes!! Right? The one-stop place for my shoes that I adore is ZooShoo and their sister company ZooJi. They carry every brand you could ever want at the best prices. Below I’m sharing my four favorite picks for winter! Also I have 15% coupon for you to use, the code is “tonyamichelle26” 😉

Eleete Sneaker / Steve Madden


When I first saw these online I kept going back and forth about how I would like them if I pulled the trigger. Well, let’s just say I’m so glad I did. It’s like adding some bling to an outfit without evening having to try. Forgot my earrings this shoot and honestly, who even noticed? All I see is the gold tip on my shoes!!!!! These run true to size and are SUPER comfortable. They also come in black! Linked below.

Beige: linked here

Black: linked here



Break Up Bootie – Chinese Laundry

Grey – linked here

Black – linked here


Still need to shoot these, but I couldn’t wait to share them with you. I wore them with shorts and a cozy beige tunic in the photo below. It’s that time of year where it’s still warm yet transitioning into Fall with your outfits is fun! These booties are the perfect light grey to where you can put them with any outfit and it would be a hit. These don’t rub against my toes as most of my open toe booties do. No one likes to deal with that! These booties are a must have for anyones closet!


Flex Lace Sneaker – Palladium




White – linked here

These are my new go-to. You can dress down a dress with these sneakers and be ready quick! They are true to size and don’t need to be broken in. Win-Win. I’m about to purchase another pair because I love them so much. Anyone ever find a pair of shoes they love and buy two? These are mine!

Sampson Lo- Jeffrey Campbell


Photos can’t do these shoes justice — they are to die for!!!! Jeffrey Campbell never lets us down with the designs. They are worth every dollar. These 5 inch heels make me feel like Beyonce.



Black Fringe linked here

Thank you ZOOSHOO / ZOOJI for not only having great customer service, amazing brands to choose from but also for FREE* shipping on all orders. What more can you ask for?

Photo Credit:

Eleete Sneaker & Sampson Lo – @carling.design //  http://carling.design

Palladium Flex Lace Sneaker – @thejeraldo

*Free standard shipping, within the contiguous United States

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Evys Tree x Tonya Michelle

This smile is because I can wear this blazer TWO ways!!! Yes, you heard me right, one blazer, two ways. Talk about multiple outfits and not taking up precious space in your closet.


Today at 10am PST the Ella Blazer goes live on Evy’s Tree! I literally own almost every piece of their collection and I get more and more attached to every new piece they release. Below I am showing how you can wear the blazer TWO different ways.



Your able to wear the “Ella”blazer with the hoodie insert or you can wear it without! How cool is it that you can wear this for running errands or to give an accent look with your casual outfit. I personally love the hoodie feature. I’m a sucker for any top with a hood. Bad hair days? Hood is up! haha

You can also take the hoodie insert out as I did below and make the outfit more professional for your daily work attire. With my white jeans below, I look like I’m waiting for my boat to pick me up at the dock. 1. I don’t have a boat 2. Not at a dock. — Maybe I’ll come out and hang out with the Evy’s Tree team someday and we can take this out on a boat!


I also love a good deal & Evy’s Tree is giving you a huge deal on their ‘Skyler’ cape/scarf if you by them both together tomorrow. You can get the ‘Skyler’ for $29!!! The skyler is pictured below! I wore it as a cape. It comes in one size.


Please tag any photos and share with the proper media channels! I know I love seeing how everyone styles their Evy’s Tree pieces. #Evystreeofficial #EvysTree

Direct link to Evy’s Tree website here

Evy’s Tree Instagram @evystreeofficial

Evy’s Tree Facebook page here

Eve’s Tree Twitter here

This post is sponsored by Evy’s Tree but the thoughts and opinions are mine. 

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Street Chic with Verity.

Verity boutique is a gift to anyone’s closet. Their pieces are simple, which I love. I’m obsessed which how you can take a piece and make it your own. It truly gives you room to express yourself. You could take this jumpsuit; dress it up, dress it down and accessorize how ever you like!!


Soon as I eyes on the Dylan Denim jumpsuit I knew it had to be in my closet. I love how this piece is so versatile in anyones wardrobe. Below I will share how I styled for an office look. You can also add some converse, throw your hair in a bun and go run errands. A night out on the town? Find your best wedges, add a brown belt to match those shoes and grab your leather jacket. The possibilities are endless!!




Direct link to purchase the Dylan Denim Jumpsuit: here

I’m wearing a size small, I’m 5’7″ & it’s under $60!


Head over to @loveverityshop to see how other bloggers have styled their items!


xx, Tonya Michelle

Photos by: @thejeraldo

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Sol De Janeiro x Tonya Michelle

I love discovering new beauty care! Especially body care that smells better than Heaven. Sol De Janerio products not only make your skin softer than a baby, they smell so good you might try to eat them. (Please do not try eat them —  just rub the bum bum cream on your bum) Make yourself feel like a Brazilian Beauty with these products below!


Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Be ready to throw out whatever brand of body moisturizer you have, don’t even think twice. This “bum bum” cream is made to change your life. It doesn’t feel sticky, drys quickly, doesn’t stain your clothing and give you such soft touch. Oh did I mention it contains a blend of Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí and Coconut Oil & Guaraná caffeine helps stimulate circulation and keep those behinds their smoothest, tightest! What’s better than that? Nothing.


Samba foot fetish cream

Currently sold out with the high demand of giving yourself an at home pedi…. luckily can head to Sephora to purchase until they stock up again!!! Who doesn’t love smooth and soft feet? I know for my ladies out there who are always running around in heels like myself, a pedi is always needed every 2 weeks. With this 2-step set, you’re able to scrub away those rough spots on your heels and feet yourself. Put on those heels and go! Don’t need to worry about a greasy feeling, no slipping in your heels/sandals.


Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel

Sol De Janerio says showering should be a treat, not a routine. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Shower time for me is relaxing, it’s time to reflect on the day ahead or the day that has passed. It’s also about making yourself smell and feel better! Making this shower gel part of my daily routine has changed the way I look at how I pick what shower gel to buy. I never used to care about ingredients much until doing my research on this product. There are some key elements that made this a game changer!

1. Coconut Oil: We as americans might of just jumped on this band wagon but Brazilians have been swearing by this for much longer. It softens the skin and moisturizes without leaving a sticky feeling. The smell speaks for itself, no need to go into that!

2. Cupuaçu Butter, it’s their Shea Butter!  The best part is that it helps restore the skin’s elasticity…YES please!

3 .Açaí is the antioxidant super fruit that helps keep skin healthy and young. (Woo Hoo!!)


Sol de Janerio Social Media:

Instagram: @soldejaneiro

Twitter: @SDJBeauty

Facebook: Sol de Janeiro

Youtube: Sol de Janerio

Products were gifted for review. The thoughts and opinions above are mine.

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Farm-to-Table x Copperwood Tavern

If there is one thing I love more than good food; it’s a business that supports other businesses. I was lucky enough to attend a press event for Copperwood Tavern at their new location in One Loudoun. They really do bring the “farm-to-table”! You might be wondering what that means. Well, Copperwood Tavern works with local farms, bringing in fresh produce, meat and seafood. They truly believe in supporting local farmers and this gives you the chance to really understand how fresh and local food can make the dish taste better.

A few of us lucky ladies got to taste some of their best dishes, drinks and desserts. Sounds like a good time doesn’t it? I promise they didn’t have to pull my leg to go! Now let’s get you hungry…

Deviled Eggs (smoked bacon, chives & espelette)


Spaghetti Squash (Heirloom tomatoes, grilled green onion, red peppers and grant padano)


Rock Fish (Sautéed local rockfish, romesco, grilled lemon, local herbs)


Duck Breast (pan roasted with black mission figs, parsnip puree, and port wine reduction)


Short Ribs (Ancho Chili braised short ribs over creamy grits)


Chocolate Trio (Flourless chocolate cake, raspberry, milk chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis & white chocolate ice cream) Yes, This is AMAZING.


Now that I have your mouth watering, I would love to also let you know that Copperwood Tavern offers brunch! It’s so hard to find places in Ashburn that serve brunch on the weekends. (*Gluten FREE menus as well… So no one is left out!!) They also have a gorgeous patio, it’s dog friendly and the atmosphere is my favorite. Can’t you just picture yourself curled up here in front of their fireplace when it’s snowing and having a spiked coffee in your hand? Don’t forget that marshmallow below is homemade. (I could of ate 5 of them alone)


Hats off the skilled team of professionals behind Copperwood Tavern. Executive Chef James Duke, Jody Hessler and Chef Brandon Blomquist are the culinary experience you don’t want miss out on.

A big thank you to Cassidy Ricalde for putting together this event. It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing this experience with the other women.

Thank you Andrea Khoury (founder of Khoury Public Relations and Media Group) for inviting me to this press event. Appreciate you and all that you do. (housewivesinthecity.com & khourypr.com


For more info on Copperwood Tavern please visit their Facebook page linked here.

Copperwood Tavern

One Loudoun

20465 Exchange Street, Ashburn VA 20147

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YMI Jeans x Tonya Michelle

What I love more than new clothes is finding new clothes at amazing prices. Fall is right around the corner which means, jean shopping! If you’re anything like me you DREAD shopping for jeans. I’m SO happy to introduce YMI Jeans to you. Not only are they jeans not too long ( I’m 5’7″ and I hate how most jeans fit me) , the quality is pure perfection and they have a built in butt! Yes, you heard me..I’m doing just fine in that area but, if you have problems with jeans making you look flat…these are AMAZING.

Introducing YMI ‘Wanna Betta Butt’ Jeans

Direct link is above to shop that line! Jeans ranging from $20-44 – Such a steal!!!


The jeans I’m wearing above are: Rip ‘n Tear Jeans

Direct link to purchase: here

I’m wearing a size 5, I usually wear a 2/4. (These are Junior sizes.)

Below is how I styled them!


This olive jean vest is currently on sale! It’s $11 off right now.

Direct link to purchase: here

I’m wearing a size small – I would buy a medium if you want to wear it with thick hoodies.


These booties are from FashionJunkee

Camel Brown booties linked here

Grey booties linked here

Necklace and Bracelet from Erin Parker Jewelry , She’s small business! Purchase here

Saddle bag is from Charming Charlie x StyleWatch

Bag comes in 3 colors linked here


Mixing olive and tan tones are my favorite thing this season. I might miss my neons since summer is ending but nothing is better than layering! Hope this helps add some great pieces to your closet and not hurt the budget. Would love any feedback and love below.

xx Tonya Michelle

This post was sponsored by YMI jeans, all thoughts, opinions and styling ideas are my own.

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Charming Charlie x Style Watch Collab 1

Charming Charlie and StyleWatch has combined their brilliant fashion ideas together and I so thrilled to be part of such an amazing collaboration. Below I am featuring some of my favorite items and how I styled them. I truly love transitioning into Fall and with this collection, it’s super easy.

StyleWatch & Charming Charlie



Black Tassel Booties: Under $40 – linked here – Run true to size!!

Clover Turnlock Crossbody Wallet: Under $20 – linked here

Similar Faux Suede dress: Under $40 – linked here

Similar tie dress: Under $40 – linked here


They also sent me this amazing saddle bag. It comes in 3 different colors and it’s under $40!

It comes in black, dark brown and dark olive. I have the dark olive.

Direct link to purchase: here


Below is how I styled the Saddle bag.


Some of my other favorite item’s from this collection:

Beaded Spade Necklace: under $20 – linked here

Glamour Faux Fur Vest (to die for!!! A must for fall) under $50 –linked here

Classic Lace- Up Booties: under $40 – linked here

 I know it’s not easy to find a collection that you love every item — Thank you StyleWatch & Charming Charlie for nailing this. They make Fall Fashion look easy. I hope you loved how I styled some of their items! I will be posting 2 other looks from this collection next week, so keep your eye out. I would love for you to comment below which items are your favorites! In the meantime you can shop all of their looks from the direct link below.

Get your wardrobe ready with StyleWatch & Charming Charlie!

xx Tonya Michelle

Photos by @thejeraldo

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Charlotte Russe x Tonya Michelle

Hello there, I put together a little video to introduce myself & the looks below:

I am so excited to show you two of my favorite looks right now from @charlotterusse – They are currently having a huge contest and I personally think I am perfect for their #CRitGIRLcontest! 50 women will be chosen and I need to be one of them — Don’t you agree?

I wanted to give you more details on this looks I put together from Charlotte Russe. I purchased these items in-store last week, you can find them there as well and I’ve even linked the actual items or similar below. Would love to hear your feedback below, either on the looks or what you’d love to see more of from me.




I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. When I walked into Charlotte Russe I swear it was staring right at me. It’s called “Floral Surplice Dress” I’m wearing a small and it fits comfortably — I could of done an XS. I’m usually not an XS. I love how I can transition this into fall, the colors are perfect and simply add some tights & booties — you’ll be on your way to killing that Fall Fashion look.

Direct links to purchase:

XS & S: Currently on sale for $20

2X & 3X :Currently priced at $31.99

The heels I purchased in store and couldn’t find online, I’ve linked some similar ones that would be great for the upcoming months below!

lace-up     302176749_233

Caged Lace-Up Chunky Heel Sandals                   Bamboo Covered Ankle Chunky Sandals


My second look I fell in love with is below! Suede is my new obsession and I wish I could put it on my walls at home. My boyfriend might not like that though– so my fashion looks will have to do! haha

The video below is a great preview of this look:


The second look is another dress that I fell in love with when I walked in, I swear both of these outfits were just meant to be. Sadly, I found this in-store — online they only have olive, which I’ve linked below for you and the same with the shoes. The dress is currently on sale — don’t wait– pay day was yesterday anyways right? 😉 Also, can we talk about these boho black feather earrings? AH! They also only available in-store, but they have similar pairs I have linked below for you.





Faux Suede Shift Dress — Olive color online, S-M-L : On sale for $15

Plus Size Faux Suede Kaftan Dress — Olive color online, 1X-2X-3X: On sale for $20

Shoes are in store! I’ve linked some similar below:

302213658_001                              302176731_001

Bamboo Laser Cut Chunky Heel Sandals            Bamboo Covered Ankle Chunky Sandals


I hope this gives you ladies some great affordable ways to transition into Fall! I truly love how Charlotte Russe gives you the latest trends and it doesn’t break the bank. Leave your thoughts and comments below on what trends or looks you’d like me to put together.



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