Shake, Spray and Go! Dove x Bowling

I partnered up with Dove and Simply Stylist to share my favorite weekend activity and how I stay fresh thanks to Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. One of my favorite things to do during the weekend is to go bowling with my better half, even if I win 1 every 20 games. haha I’ve always been a huge competitor at any sport I’ve ever played, well let’s be honest I’m competive in anything I do with Carl. It’s hard to beat someone who’s a retired NFL player. *Rolls my eyes* I’m thankful that Dove Dry Antiperspirant keeps me dry and smelling good when I’m “hard in the paint” trying to win my game! It’s always a heated competition and with one spray I’m ready to go — protected & feeling fresh.


I always keep a Dove Dry Spray in my bowling bag, it’s a must have right next to my bowling shoes. Yes, I own my own bowling shoes. One spray and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and start throwing some strikes, or gutter balls. haha Below is a photo of how easily it fits into my bag! My bowling bag is glamorous but my Dove Dry Spray is a necessity.


Deodorant is a key part of every woman’s daily beauty routine, which is why it is so important to use one you can trust to keep feeling fresh and confident as you go about exploring your passions and interests. Whether you’re in the middle of a heated bowling game or at the gym crushing your daily workouts. WithDove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, you can just #ShakeSprayGo and have the assurance of 48-hour protection that goes on instantly dry and cares for skin with Dove 1⁄4 moisturizers. They currently have 8 different formulas / scents, my two favorite scents are “Beauty Finish” and “Cool Essentials”.


Beauty Finish is delicate and soft, think of a big fresh floral arrangement filled with freesia, jasmine and water lily. Also add the light scent of pineapples and pears.

Cool Essentials is cooling / watery notes of freshly cut cucumber, green tea and melon which are combined with fresh floral notes to give you a refreshing scent. Click here to learn more or to purchase at your local store.

Don’t they sound amazing? No, you can’t spray them in your mouth – even though sometimes I’ve been tempted. Do not try that. You can simply raise your hand, spray and dance around in happiness.



I’ve been using Dove since I went from a girl who turned into a young woman, who’s now over 30. Ha – I honestly use their products daily and truly believe in Dove. Thank you Dove and Simply Stylist for letting me be part of a great collaboration. I hope you all now run to your local store and pick up a new Dove Dry Spray and also join me in this fabulous way to stay dry for 48 hours! Remember, raise your hand – spray and go!


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