Must Have -The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette by Clarins – Get The Perfect Holiday Look.

Getting outfits ready for the Holiday season is just one step of getting your look complete! I will be completing my glam look with the NEW Essentials Eye Makeup Palette by Clarins. I have to be honest, when I first saw this palette I was a little intimidated by the colors. I’m the woman who used to always play is safe with the colors I would use on my eyes. BUT I can now say that I am so glad to have switched it up because they have opened my eyes (pun intended) to how amazing the array of blues and silvers and how they look beautiful when on. I want to rock this look daily!!!

CLARINS never fails when it comes to any of their new releases. These 10 colors can get you through the entire Fall and Winter seasons by creating soft or bold looks! It comes with 5 sparkling shades, 1 icy diamond shade, 3 satin shades and 1 matte shade. They also include a dual-brush eyeshadow applicator which helps guide you to have expert results — something we all want!

Below you can see the palette comes with a clear guide to help you learn where to apply each color. Which is such a brilliant idea! A guide is always helpful. 

Also, if you go to their website and click “product details” it will help show you how to also create three different looks easily; Natural Eyes using colors #2 & #3, Party Eyes using colors #5, #9 & #10 and also Smokey Eyes using #3, #7 and #8. Click HERE for a link to how to create these looks.

I had so much fun playing with this palette that I called my makeup guru friend Brittany from @brilliantb_makeup to come over and play with it as well! She dived right in wanting to create this soft hue of blue and silver to go with my holiday dress. A light smokey eye that would be perfect for day or night.

We used #2 the matte Taupe Gray as a base for my lids. Mixed #3 satiny Pale Blue and #4 Light Sparkling Silver to the inner and outer corners of my eyes and also my lower lid as well. Then added a small hint of #8 satiny Sapphire Blue just above the upper lid for a soft smokey finish.

We could of easily went into a dark smokey look by adding more of #9 and #10 to the crease of my lids. I love how simple it can be to achieve a night time look by only adding one color.

Clarins has also made sure they are doing their responsibility to help make this product eco friendly. You can easily reuse this palette when you’re finished. How? Simply pull the tab up and the insert will remove itself. You can then use as a holder for some of your makeup brushes or even pencils and pens. Whatever you use it as, it’s a great way to keep using the packaging after you’re finished.

They are also partnering with PUR Projet – Since 2013 they have planted 33,801 trees!

I can truly say how I love their products and how they also care about our environment. Every little step towards a cleaner planet helps us all. Make sure to fill out the form on the bottom of their page after purchasing and receiving you palette. In the top right hand corner you will see “CODE: —-” once you enter that code, your email and full name it will plant a tree! You will also receive a confirmation and certificate via your email. — Amazing right? I think so!

In collaboration with Clarins, all opinions are my own.

Tonya Michelle


  1. I love companies that are being socially responsible about the items they offer to consumers. This was the first beauty line I used as a teen and they are going strong.

  2. I absolutely love this palette from Clarins, and you created such a lovely look! Like you, I tend to play it safe myself, but I definitely want to try some different eye looks.

    1. I linked the websites in the links! 🙂 Or you could even visit a department store like Macy’s – Let me know if you’d like a link to a different store!

  3. That blue eyeshadow palette is so pretty! Your eyes absolutely gorgeous here! I definitely need to get this one. I had no idea that Clarins sells shadow as well.

  4. Although I don’t use blue eyeshadow, I love nude colors. My daughter is more adventurous in colorful eyeshadow than me. This color looks so nice on you.

  5. I must admit I am a novice when it comes to makeup so it is good that they give you those ideas. You look amazing and so natural in this palette, I will look for it where I shop. Love the PUR Project.

  6. Wow! Those colors are stunning. So chalky! I love it! This looks like a great palette with some fun colors to play with.

  7. I used to rock shades of blue all the time right after high school. It was my signature look. But it’s been years since I’ve tried it and I’ve mostly transitioned to neutrals or pink/purple colors. I wanna get myself this palette to experiment again!

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