Give your skin a much-needed boost with Clarins Double Serum!

This post is sponsored by Clarins USA, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to brand loyalty, I try to remain as transparent as possible. I am loyal to brands that I use consistently and brands that I love! Clarins is one of those brands.

I first started using Clarins’ Double Serum one year and six months ago. I wrote a first impressions style post followed up by my results one year later. Now, I’ve been using Clarins’ double serum for an additional six months and cannot wait to share some more results with you all!

If you do not know, Clarins Double Serum is a plant-based serum that improves your skin’s texture, boosts radiance, firms, tightens pores and even skin tone while fighting wrinkles for younger looking skin. The Serum promises results in just 7 days! I know, I was skeptical at first too but I can attest to how well this product works.

I have always been honest with you all when it comes to problems I have with my skin. Just like most, it’s not perfect! However, some have more insecurities than others when it comes to skin care and that’s me, which is why I take skincare so much more seriously. 

Since I believe so strongly in skincare, I make sure I am not using any product that includes harsh chemicals. Clarins Double Serum includes 21 different skin nourishing plant extracts that are great for your body inside and out so you never have to worry about the ingredients inside!

Using Clarins Double Serum the past year and a half I have noticed an improvement in my skin’s natural skin tone. I have naturally red skin and Clarins Double Serum helped me tone down my redness and bring it back to its natural color! 

With the redness toned down, I have also noticed how much more radiant my skin is. Restoring my skin’s natural oils, the Serum works with my skin and not against it.

Additionally, Clarins Double Serum is a seamless addition to any skin care routine and fit for any age and skin type! Just put it on right after cleansing and before moisturizing day and night!

If you have yet to try Clarins Double Serum, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! I love my skin now and attribute it to Clarins Double Serum.

xx, Tonya Michelle


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