Drugstore makeover!

Everyone wants to be able to purchase the best makeup without breaking the bank, to me you just have to do the “trail and error” process. I’ve tried SO many different drug store brands and I’ve narrowed them down to my favorites below! I purchased these from either Target, CVS or my local grocery store. (Some of the links are through Ulta)image2-2


1. I couldn’t live without my false lashes, I feel like now they are part of my identity!

Favorite lashes:

Ardell Glamour Wispies Black Lashes $3.99

Ardell Glamour Lashes #113 $3.99


2. I swear by e.l.f concealer, I ran out of my usual one and decided to give e.l.f. a try, again…trial and error! I’m officially hooked and never looking back.

Cover Everything Concealer $2.00


3. Milani has been creating the MOST beautiful blushes lately and I bought them all! haha, who else loves a good blush?

Rose Powder Blush Limited Edition $8.99


4. Almay is top 3 in my favorites for mascara, goes on thick, doesn’t clump and leaves my ardells looking perfect!

Almay Intense I-Color Volume Mascara  I bought the midnight color, they have 4 options. $8.49


5. I have acne prone skin so when it comes to foundation and BB creme, I have to make sure my pores won’t be clogged or have a thick “cakey” look on my face. It’s hard to find good coverage with those that don’t, MAC makes me break out like crazy so I’m glad I found Physicians Formula BB creme.

Super BB #instaready Beauty Balm BB Cream  Light/Medium$14.95

Also I use: Organic wear BB cream Light/Medium $14.95


6. Back to Milani again! They have some of the best lip glosses that don’t give you that “sticky” feeling and don’t dry out your lips.

Milani Fierce Foil Lip Gloss 02 Rome $8.99


These products above are my daily routine! I do have others that I love, let’s be honest…we all have that makeup drawer filled to the top. I hope you ladies enjoy these products as much as I do! I achieve the look below using all of the products that I just discussed.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!







  1. You are adorable! I have been looking for lashes…and this might be a dumb question that I could totally google, but do you take your lashes off every night and put them on every morning? How long do they last?

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I do take them off everynight before bed, if you get your lashes professional done they you wouldn’t have to. I buy these every 3-4 weeks, they last that long! Plus it’s fun to try different ones.

  2. Need lashes badly, I think my eyes look too small❓❓ What shade do u suggest for your sweet (aging) great aunt❓❓❓😜

  3. OMG, thanks to this blog post, I ran out and got Physicians Formula Organic BB cream and I was blown away this morning! It was that 1 product I was missing! I am officially hooked! And what’s better?! It was 40% off at CVS! YAY!

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