Summer Glow from Jergens

This winter weather made me whiter than a polar bear 🙄 I’ve started applying @jergensus twice a day and it has given me such a nice glow. It’s safer than the tanning beds and it’s an easy way for me to control how tan I’d like to be. They have changed their scent since the last timeimage1-3 I used it and it’s SO much better.

I’ve linked some of my favorite Jergens products below, all at Target!

Natural Glow Revitalizing Lotion

Natural Glow Face Moisturizer 

Hope you ladies pick this up and enjoy a new tan!!



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Everyday Necessities

Every woman has those items that will never leave her purse,

we count on them on a daily basis and we all think we couldn’t live without them!

I decided to share some of my absolute favorites that I need and will always carry with me.

(Some products are not shown in photo)

bag1. My go-to foundation, leaves my skin looking flawless. Direct Link to Purchase: Dior Skin Flash

2. Extra Battery life is a must, always being on social media means my phone TRIES to die at least once a day. Direct Link to Purchase: Mophie

3. Busy as bee, I must have deodorant on me! I rush out the door half the time and forget to put it on.(I know I’m not the only person!) Direct link to my favorite kind: Dove deodorant

4. Sunglasses, maybe it’s because the sun is out orrrrr because I have no eye makeup on. (Probably the second!! haha)

5. Lipgloss and Chapstick is a must and I usually have about 4 on me, why? Cause I’m obsessed. Below are some of my favorites, click on each brand for the direct links to purchase.

Burt BeesDior Lip Mazimizer – Buxom

6. Lotion, from PiNK by Victoria Secret or even Burt Bees, it’s a must.


These are just some items that I must carry on me at all times, I usually carry about 3 times what I listed haha but these are just a few of my favorites!

Happy Shopping!




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Malie is a dream from Hawaii

Who wants to feel as though you live in Hawaii every morning you wake up? *Raises my hand* If anyone is reading this and you live in Hawaii;I’m jealous and send some sunshine up to DC! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to test out some of Malie’s products and to be honest, It’s added a little sense of sunshine during these last couple of gloomy months.

Below is just 3 of my favorite Malie products, I will be featuring more soon but couldn’t wait to share the follow:



Mango Nectar shampoo: Let’s just say every morning I use this I feel like I’m on vacation for 20 mins.

The aroma is amazing and it leaves my hair feeling clean and silky.

• Paraben & sulfate free
• Beneficial for daily use
• Color safe
• Applicable for all hair types
• 6 oz or 16 oz

Direct Link:


plumeria_polish__03618_1433367669_800_1200Plumeria body polish (body scrub): I use this once a week to refresh my skin after a long work week. It’s my “me” time & my skin appreciates it.

Again it smells amazing, the hint of gardenia & sandalwood is my favorite! It gives me life!!!

• Top: Greens, Citrus
• Mid: Plumeria, Peach
• Base: Jasmine, Sandalwood

Direct Link:


Hibiscus Soy Candle: I use this in my office at work and everyone always asks where it’s from, my boss can even smell it from hers.

It burns clean and the entire candle burns evenly (my pet peeve is when candles don’t burn right.) it burns for 60 hours!

I highly recommend treating yourself to this candle, maybe even two of them.

Made from clean-burning waxes, Malie’s petroleum-free soy candles burn from a 100% cotton wick for 60 hours. (8 oz / 240 ml)

Direct Link:

Hope you get to enjoy these as much as I do!

This was a sponsored ad, all thoughts are mine.


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Managing Breakouts

Unfortunately, it’s winter right now and my skin hates me. Who else has this issue? I know I can’t be the only one.

My skin goes from super oily in the summer to super dry in the winter. Is there a happy medium? Yes! It just wasn’t the easiest for me to find.

Currently I am using some amazing organic products that have tamed my skin for me. Nourish Organics is a company that I speak and think of, they have a huge range of products and they are affordable! (Finally, right?) The older I get, the more I am trying to understand what I use on my skin. Below is a list of products I adore and recommend trying out!

Skin Care:

1. Argan face serum (Apricot + Rosehip) – I use this when my skin is drying out. (Winter time or after being in the sun for awhile)

2. Body Wash (Almond Vanilla) – Shower daily with this. Has helped my breakouts on my shoulders.

3. Face Cleanser (Cucumber + Watercress) – Use this twice a day.

4. Eye Treatment (Avocado + Argan Oil) – Use after I shower. I might not have puffy eyes on a daily basis but after a good wine night I do!


Other products I recommend:

1. Deodorant Cream (Almond Vanilla)

2. Body Oil Mist (Rose Hip + Rosewater)

You can find discounts on Nourish Organics instagram page: @nourishorganics or go directly to their website:

Pure, potent and fresh – Miessence Certified Organics for health, home and body. Looking and feeling good doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do!


Tonya Michelle

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