Hello, I’m Tonya Michelle!

I created this blog because I’m passionate about fashion, beauty and DIY. After living in Miami for four years and then moving to the DC area, I completely switched careers. Going from night life to 9-5 was a huge change not only on a daily basis but finding new wardrobe as well.  I’ve loved working with some amazing boutiques and fashion brands that have great quality staple pieces that every woman needs in her closet and they are all at affordable prices. I decided to share!

My interest in beauty is simply because I enjoy trying all products from Dior to Cover Girl foundation. I love trying to new looks and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. I give honest feedback about all products that I try because I want the same when I read blogs. I think it’s very important to keep an honest reputation and I hope everyone can appreciate that as well.

And for my love of DIY projects come into play since my boyfriend and I just bought and built our dream home! We turned out garage into our workshop and we have built a lot of items for our home. We’ve built everything from a dining room table to our own bar to help us entertain our friends!

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Love and appreciate you all!!!

Hugs –

Tonya Michelle